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Lightbulb A monthly signature design contest? (SOTM)

On a lot of sites, including the x360a's sister site PS3T, there are friendly competitions between people who are into graphics design called SOTM (Signature of the Month) and SOTW (Signature of the Week).

It appears to me that there currently isn't a competition of such on x360a (unless, I'm at idiot and search function failed me) so why not start one? I'm aware that there actually USED to be a competition of this sort on the site called SOTF and if I understand correctly it was abandoned due to lack of entries and the people who were running it were too busy with IRL stuff.

Seeing how there are plenty of talented graphics designers on this site, I was wondering if we could start a new competition similar to the sister site's one. Rather than running a season with a point system and weekly/bi-weekly time constraints for entries as it was done with SOTF, we could do a simple SOTM contest once every month. The winner of the month could get a site-award. That ought to attract more entries.

Each month would have a different theme, the contestants then would be given 2 weeks of submitting their works via PM to whoever is organizing the contest and the 3rd week would be dedicated for voting. The entries would be anonymous during the voting time and everyone would be welcome to participate if they so wish.

So what do you think? I'd like to hear staff's take on this but everyone is allowed to give their 2 cents Also if you're an active graphics designer on this site, tell me whether you'd like to participate in such a thing.

(My apologies if this has been brought-up before)

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