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Level 3 Township

Level Specific Achievement(s)
Compound Problem
10 Escape from police compound without going MIA in Township.

This one is pretty easy actually and it unlocks pretty much near the beginning of the level. Start the level as normal and work you way through killing the enemies and you'll soon enter a building with a few cells and there's usually one enemy stood in there so kill him and carry on moving forward, about 10 seconds after i left the building the achievement popped up for me.

Police Protection
10 Save RPF troops in town square in Township.

As you play through the mission like normal about half way through after entering a few buildings you'll soon come to open area with a few RPF troops in the middle with enemies located all around the surrounding area, just take out out all the enemies that are in the open and the one's that are in the buildings and this achievement will pretty much unlock straight away.

Search And Rescue
10 Rescue Bishop Three in Township.

Rescuing Bishop comes right at the end of the level so after going through the the level like normal you will find yourself a tank, drive it out into the open area and shoot the enemies around there, at this points two tanks come out, take them both out before either one can do any damage to you. Exit the tank and head over to the structure in the middle of the map and you'll spot Bishop, simply kill all the enemies that ambush you and after a while you'll get some of your men in choppers and tanks showing up and clearing the remaining enemies out for you, the achievement should pop up and the level is complete.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s)

**You'll have to stick with one character to get this achievement. Just pick one and replay the level later or try for the other character on the next level.**
Lang Time Dead
20 Complete any campaign or co-op mission with at least 50 kills and 30% accuracy using Lang.

To obtain this you must complete any mission with atleast 50 kills and 30% accuracy using Lang, this can be unlocked on single player or co-op. This is best done on easy as you'll have more time to aim at the enemies without going into MIA when shot in quick succession, just take your time and line up your shots before pulling the trigger, it could be best to mentally count how many enemies you've killed so you know how many you've exactly killed. You are able to go into MIA on your way to getting this achievement.

Graves Digger
20 Complete any mission with at least 50 kills and 40% accuracy using Graves.

To obtain this you must complete any mission with atleast 50 kills and 40% accuracy using Graves, this can be unlocked on single player or co-op. Just like 'Lang Time Dead' this is probably best done on easy and once again just line up your shots for perfect head shots to get the one shot kills. You are able to go into MIA on your way to getting this achievement.

Level 4 Castle

Level Specific Achievement(s)

Defend The Doctor
10 Ensure Dr. Pessich survives until end of Castle.

During the mid way point (sort of) after walking across a short outside balcony you'll enter a big cave and see this doctor on a computer, get your team mate to defend him. Now there will be 4 doors that open one after each other so get your grenade's and grenade launcher attachment ready and take the enemies out as quick as possible so you don't suddenly become surrounded. After this the doctor will follow you and stay around corners until you've killed all the enemies in that section, it should be pretty straight forward from now on to keep him alive.

Prisoner Release Programme
10 Ensure FSB Agents survive until the end of Castle.

During the midway point in the castle level you'll be inside a cave, after killing of the enemies around the area walk down the slope and across from a sort of small building there's a couple of cells with some FSB agents in, there should be a button to press close by that will open the cells enabling the agents to come out. The agents now follow you and participate in shootouts, though there not the best of shots they can be pretty handy just make sure you kill the enemies first before they have a chance to aim at the agents.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s)
**I got this achievement on this level, but you may get it sooner or later than me**

Kill Streak
20 Score 50 kills in a row without going MIA.

Simply get 50 kills without going MIA, again it's probably best to do this on easy, just be careful going around corners and use the lean feature for the corners and always watch your back as i've been killed many times from a sly enemy running up behind and melee'ing me, this can be obtained on any level really but the first few levels are most probably the easiest.


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