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Level 5 Submarine

Level Specific Achievement(s)

Easy Slider
10 Commandeer hovercraft and ensure it survives to perimeter wall in Submarine Facility.

Quite early on in this level after killing off all the enemies in the opening area you'll get told to take a hovercraft, so proceed forward with it and shoot all the enemies that are down the hill aswell as a couple on top of the mountains and proceed forward. Exit the vehicle and take out a enemy with a turret by firing a well placed RPG shot, you could just leave the vehicle behind the wall and carry on on foot and the achievement will still unlock.

Vertically Challenged
10 Destroy Jump-Jet in Submarine Facility.

You get the opportunity to blow the jet up right at the end of this level in the area where the level actually started, it is slight tricky if you have no RPG ammo. There's 3 ways to take it down, if you have RPG ammo then it's will take a couple of well place shots to bring it down, you could use the hovercrafts turret to bring it down but i usually got killed or the hovercraft blew up the last option is the longest but using your standard guns it will eventually take it down. Could be best done on co-op as two guns are better than one.

Level 6 Diamond Mine

Level Specific Achievement(s)
Your Cousin Dances Naked...
10 Listen in on 4 guard conversations in Diamond Mine without being detected.

To listen to the first conversation, as soon as the mission starts give your man the order to stay in that position so he doesn't get in the way and then run down and hide to the side of the big construction vehicle to listen to the conversation. Then wait for Atongwe and his followers to walk away and walk up the stairs as soon as there out of sight ignore the guards and run across and follow them, as they proceeded to walk through the building and walked down the small steps, stay at the doorway and listen out for the second conversation.

As they start walking away, slowly follow them to the other side of the compound and hide behind the blueish vehicle to the right hand side, you should hear the third conversation. Watch Atongwe and his followers walk inside the building and wait the the guard near the door to walk away, swiftly move into the building so the guard doesn't notice you. Wait for them to walk up the stairs and slowly follow them, as the door closes at the top wait a few seconds and then walk towards the door and just peak around the corner to listen to the fourth conversation, as Atongwe walks away the achievement should unlock.

Out Of Sight
Track Atongwe in Diamond Mine without being detected.

This could be pretty tricky for some and could take a few goes but you should do it eventually. You could also try and go for the 'Your Cousin Dances Naked...' achievement while your doing this. As soon as the mission starts watch Atongwe movement and after a minute or so he should start moving towards the stairs in the far left position from your starting point. After he's entered the cabin with his followers, quickly move towards the cabin and make sure no guard sees you, carry on to the other side and follow him across the compound again with out alerting the guards, enter the building shorty after him and follow him up the stairs slowly, after a conversation with two other people he should go into a room to the left with one other person leaving one person standing out side, kill him with the sniper rifle and then proceed to the door and move inside, kill the guard in here and wait for Atongwe to finish his business on the laptop and the achievement should pop up.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s)
Collateral Damage
Make 10 indirect kills in a mission by shooting explosive objects such as barrels or gas cylinders.

So for this you just have to wait for enemies to run or stop near explosive barrels and shoot at the barrels before they run off, i think the best level to do this is probably 'ATAK Diamond Mine' as there is plenty of barrels thought this level aswell as a fair few explosive barrels right at the end of the level during the ambush. 10 kills shouldn't be a problem to receive on this level.

Minute Man
20 Destroy 45 objects in 60 seconds.

Can take a few tries to accomplish this but one of the best areas i've found to do this is right near the end of the 'ATAK Diamond Mine' mission, in the area where you have to plant the C4 charges, to proceed to the LZ. Just take out all the enemies around this area and try not to blow up the explosives, once every enemy is dead, start shooting all the explosive barrels and containers and this should unlock.

Extremely Serious
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