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Level 7 Chemical Tanker

Level Specific Achievement(s)
Change Of Priority
10 Ensure hostages survive on Tanker.

On the mission 'Chemical Tanker', near the start of the mission you will see four hostages surrounded by three guards, you must kill the three guards and protect the four hostages. when you've killed the three guards the hostages will run away to a safe place on the ship, when you follow them there should be the four hostages that you've saved, shorty after this the achievement should unlock.

Miscellaneous Achievement(s)
Splash Damage
20 Achieve 10 grenade kills in one mission.

Achieve 10 grenade kills in one mission during single player or co-op, the grenade launcher attachment on Lang's gun also counts towards these grenade kills. The best time to throw the grenades is when your in tight corridors with quite a few number of enemies present, make sure you reload your ammo when you see ammo boxes so your never low on grenades, the best level to probably get this on is 'Chemical Tanker' due to the narrow corridors throughout the level.

Level 8 Sawmill

Level Specific Achievement(s)

Deal Breaker
10 Track down and kill Kwennoir in Sawmill.

This one is a bit tricky and could take you quite a few tries to achieve as you are unable to set of any alarms off. So go around the level sneaking and taking opt shots at enemies, there are several alarm systems, about 4 before the bomb and there is one AI next to each one somewhere. Make sure to sneak and take them out first. When coming across the hostage leave him there for the time being as when you untie him he runs to the window and sets all the alarms off. Once your in the building with the bomb you'll locate Kwennoir downstairs next to it. From the stairs you could lob in a few grenades or use the grenade launcher on your gun to fire into the corner room where the bomb is a well placed shot should kill him.

Curse Of The Bambino
10 Rescue Foley in Sawmill.

Starting the level as normal move forward until you come to the huge open area with all the cut down trees, carry on through this area killing the enemies and you'll soon enter a building just around the corner you'll see Foley on the ground move upto him and untie him, Foley now has to survive right to the end of the mission for the achievement to unlock.

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