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Originally Posted by Ceris View Post
Yep, I used his videos as well, he helped me get 9 stars in the time trials. I also follow his channel for whenever he posts any new Mirror's Edge videos.
I'd skip Actino, that one was an annoying 3*. I believe out of those, Chroma is the easiest followed by Playground 3. Shard One and Atrium were obnoxious and Actino Rise is just plain hard.
Just got my 90 stars! I took out Chroma. I can never seem to keep up speed in Playground 3, even though i can do all the jumps that ovendonkey does. I am only off by 3 seconds on Acinto, if only I can make that ridiculous jump at the beginning I can probably 3 star it. Same story with Shard 1, I cannot make that jump on the air conditioner box (?) on a consistent basis, only off 3 seconds on it too.

But I'll have to say the easiest one to 3 star, is Kinect (once you know where to go) i screwed up 2 jumps and died once and i still got 3 stars on it. i dont remember if playground one was that forgiving.
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