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Originally Posted by littlejay View Post
I started the game on hard and it's very annoying. I have a pretty high tolerance level when it comes to "bad" games, but this on just has the worst combat. The dodge move is slow and I still end up getting hit from all sides when I do dodge. Maybe it will get better later. but I am not enjoying this at all playing on Hard right away.

Also, your focus goes away if you die. Making the 2nd stranger fight really sucky.
So you start on Hard then complain it has bad combat. Don't start on Hard. Start on normal and unlock the pressens and get the collectibles to make your life easier on Hard.

The combat is awful, camera issues, and no way of decent healing
Bitching for the sake of bitching. The combat is fun when you get used to chaining and dodging and just create a combo of healing/chain pressens to heal quickly. I think I've only ever had issues with the camera a couple of times in my three playthroughs.

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