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Originally Posted by red_hammer View Post
Shooting Fish in a Barrel 20
Hit 3 vulnerable enemies with a single Tommy Gun attack

Please send me some feedback if this method works for you!

This does work. To make things sure I'd always line up all four because chances are high that one of them is a miss (even on a high hit percentage).

The method for the "That's Got to Hurt" achievement works in an easier and similar way in multiplayer. Buy the "The Sultan of Swat" bat and equip it under the manage team menu with Mack "The Knife". Now while you're standing in front of your enemy activate the "Rage" ability with him and then "Skull Crush". As long he is not missing it's a guaranteed 100 damage or more hit. Also, Emmet "Doc" O'Connel has exactly 105 health with level 1 in multiplayer. So do that bat hit on him to combine it with the "One Shot, One Kill" achievement.

I can only think of better doing the "Run, Coward!" and the "Fire in the Hole!" achievements solo because they require to be at least level 4 with their specific character and it seems leveling up your multiplayer characters takes forever.

Either way, very helpful guide. Thanks!
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