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Originally Posted by phiona View Post
I can confirm you can beat the game with ranger (19000HP) and wing diver(9999HP) in coop, with 5 stages being very hard the two of you only and all weapons collected for them.
How the hell did you rack up that much HP and is it capped there? I'm half tempted to play each class a bit, find a favorite, and grind until it has like 30,0000 HP to run Inferno split screen once with each other class. I still need to find a good place for grinding, unless I just run through on Normal/Hard. I really want to find the damn Lysander Z though, and that likely requires Inferno. We need to confirm if certain weapons can only be found beyond a certain mission, etc. Like I think some of thw eapons in EDF 2017 (Lysander Z?) could only be found beyond mission 40something on Inferno. If one could find the right mission to farm certain weapons from Inferno early on, it would be possible to walk right through the other difficulties killing the big enemies a lot easier.
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