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Originally Posted by Viper187 View Post
Ok, thanks. I still haven't figured out how to actually use Air Raider. I spawned a tank but couldn't figure out how to use it. I also had this one weapon equipped that looks like a target painter but nothing ever happened. btw, have you figured out the stats list? I'm specifically wondering if there's a that that tracks the weapons unlocked per class so you know exactly when you've completed a class. I don't get how a few of the things are in english, but they didn't just go ahead and have the menus both ways. What, there no japanese word for "easy" or "armor"?

p.s. Is it just me, or do you only pickup weapons for the class you're controlling in split screen? Armor counts for both but weapons have to be picked up by both classes?
You have to press Back in a shiny circle near the vehicle to get in. I don't use the support things of the air raider often, but the most result in an air assault or similar.

One stat shows you how many weapons you collected, its directly under all mission percents, but a stat for individual classes doesn't exist. I'm working on a weapon table you can use later.

About the weapons ... yes, only the class you collect with, will get it. So make sure you collect with both classes.
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