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Restructure this achievement guide!

OP... do everyone a favor, and restructure your "achievement guide" in order of what you need to do to unlock ALL the achievements as you play.

Listing the achievements that are automatically unlocked first in your guide is stupid... because you can't miss them (those should be listed LAST, and in order)! Start with the achievement that needs to be worked on the earliest (even if it doesn't unlock until you finish the game), so you don't miss doing something as you play the game. Otherwise... it will require a "second" play-through to get the achievements that are missed!!! It's also good to first list any achievements that are easy to unlock, that don't affect getting the rest, since people like it when they can unlock an achievement fairly quick!

Also... change the red text to some other color, like blue or green. Use red to bring attention to something you want the reader NOT to miss... not the way you're currently using it!

I'll even delete this post after you do it, so it won't clutter-up the thread (assuming you do it - and I am made aware of it). Don't forget to do this for ALL guides you make!

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