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Originally Posted by kinjoking View Post
if you download one episode do all the achievments get listed on there, forcing you to download all episodes?
Instead of being a douche like the guy above me I'll just go ahead and answer... No mate, it does not. Just went back and checked. Cheers!

Originally Posted by Restricted-Access View Post
This is NOT the place for your question. Delete it, and if you still need an answer to your question... start a new thread!!
Originally Posted by Restricted-Access View Post
OP... do everyone a favor, and restructure your "achievement guide" in order of what you need to do to unlock ALL the achievements as you play.

Listing the achievements that are automatically unlocked first in your guide is stupid... because you can't miss them (those should be listed LAST, and in order)! Start with the achievement that needs to be worked on the earliest (even if it doesn't unlock until you finish the game), so you don't miss doing something as you play the game. Otherwise... it will require a "second" play-through to get the achievements that are missed!!! It's also good to first list any achievements that are easy to unlock, that don't affect getting the rest, since people like it when they can unlock an achievement fairly quick!

Also... change the red text to some other color, like blue or green. Use red to bring attention to something you want the reader NOT to miss... not the way you're currently using it!

I'll even delete this post after you do it, so it won't clutter-up the thread (assuming you do it - and I am made aware of it). Don't forget to do this for ALL guides you make!
Really... Just... really? Was all this necessary?? Why couldn't you just answer his question?? Why would he clutter up the forum by making a new thread when he instead can post in here and most likely get it answered??
Also... If you hate the guide so much, pull the dicks out of your mouth so you can focus and make a better one! You've never even sacked up and tried to make a guide on here and yet you come in and start talking major shit to someone who actually made a really good guide.
So f-ing sorry that your lazy dick filled ass has to scroll down through the entire guide to see if there is something you need to work on early.
Stop crying and bitching, STFU and GTFO...

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