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I actually didn't like this game that much ... it has pretty decent production values (graphics are fucking awesome at night when it is raining....probably the reason why it's raining basically every night...) but everything you do has already been done in every other open world game out there. The missions are super boring (the same stuff over and over and over and over), the story is absolutely horrible (it defines cliche and predictable) and the stuff you can do in between missions is ... actually you can't to a lot of stuff besides collectibles ... and actually the story is worse than's insultingly rushed and shallow. You plow through countless secondary characters, whom all disappear after 3 or 4 missions, there is nothing worth remembering here.

The feelings of danger and suspicion were always a strong point of GTA, bc the game could really surprise you when you were least expecting it. In Sleeping Dogs you can smell the drama from miles GTA it really hit you when someone died ... in Sleeping Dogs you're just counting the Drive-from-A-to-B-n-to-C-while-car-chase-fuck-yeah-missions for it to happn.

At some point you don't even care about playing in China anymore, because it just feels like any other US setting. And the fighting system is broken as well and the initial style wears off pretty quickly, because you won't do most of these moves anyway. Counter OP. After that it gets pretty annoying and laughable that everyone settles their shit with fists in good ol' China ...

Saints Row the Third was much much better than Sleeping Dogs imho, because this game found its place next to GTA, as a ludicrous but entertaining drug-ride, rather than trying to be a Ganster-GTA. The missions are much better, the story is better ( really is better) and the stuff you can do is better as well.

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