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We all know why I'm here,so I'll cut to the chase. I would like to get the following:
  • Threepeat -> Fivepeat -> Tenpeat (Win 10 Ranked Matches in a row.)
  • Moving On Up -> Now You C Me -> From C to Shining C (Get C Rank with all characters.)
  • Road To Victory -> Battle Master -> Legendary Fighter (Win 100 Online Matches.)
  • Worldy Warrior -> Bring it on! -> This is Madness! (Play 300 Online Matches)
  • Team Player -> Team Mate -> Teamworker (Win 10 Team Battles)
  • Three For The Road -> Endless Ten (Win 10 Endless Battles in a row)
  • Team Lobbyist/Endless Lobbyist (Create 30 Team Battle/Endless Battle Lobbies)

Basically, I would like to boost 300 Matches, 100 of them wins, 10 of them are in a row, and boost each character to Rank C, as well as win 10 Endless Battles in a row, as well as the Team Battle Mode.

My gamertag is "Nico Loire" as listed, and will be on majority of the following week. Just message me if you would like to boost as well.
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