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We all know why I'm here, so I'll not beat around the bush, and list out the achivements I'd like to boost:
  • The Warrior's Road -> The Crossroads of Tragedy -> The Harsh Road -> The Endless Road - Fight 500 matches over Xbox LIVE
  • Forge Your Own Path -> Transcend All You Know -> Your Legend Will Never Die - Win 100 matches over Xbox LIVE
  • To The Victor... -> Proof Of Your Victory - Get to C rank for the first time in Ranked Match
  • The Battle Never Ends - Win a match in Endless Battle
  • Head Of The Dojo - Create 10 lobbies in Endless Battle
  • Evangelist Of The "X" - Have your replay downloaded 20 times in My Channel's Broadcast Mode

My gamertag is "Nico Loire" as listed, and I'll be on SSFIVAE most of the time, but if you catch me online, don't be afraid to message me. Also, if you read this after 8/4 don't message me. My LIVE runs out.
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