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What first brought you to x360a, and then what made you stick around and subscribe?

I still remember what did it for me all those years ago. I was scouring the inter-webz for some help on “Mile High Club” in CoD 4 and found help on x360a. I then spent the following 3 years using the crap out of x360a but always being too afraid join. Chalk it up to a rough childhood, but I finally built up the courage in Jan of 2012 and decided to stop lurking and try my hand at being a community member. As we history fanatics say “the rest is just history.” I stuck around because I loved being judged on the person I am not the person people see and quickly make judgments on without knowing. I don’t know why exactly I started subscribing, but I was ahead on all of my bills, ahead on payments, and had money to support something that I was coming to love more and more by the day. If worse came to worse I could mug… err.. I mean work hard for the $10 to keep subbing. (Editors note: Well I know Creech rents out his body, so I suppose mugging would be fine too. We take money from ANYWHERE!)

You currently help out with the Guide Writing team, a sometimes thankless task. Care to set the record straight about what you guys do?

Yeah I don’t know how that even happened. I should thank my favorite deity, the Greek Goddess of the wild, Artemis for allowing the stars to align in such a way that I was given a chance to work. Honestly our work is secondary to that of the community to construct G&RMs worth having a Guide Team for. Sure I sit and complain from time to time how people don’t put their punctuation inside the quotation marks, forget their grammar skills, or how it soaks hours of my time trying to perfect and decipher what people are trying to demonstrate in a game I’ve never played, but thankless, that might be a stretch. If you take pride in your community than nothing you do could be considered thankless.

In essence we take what you write, refine it, polish it, and let you revel in the fame as thousands of people use your work to help themselves. That’s a freaking good feeling, let me tell you.

You've obviously nabbed awards for your guides and roadmaps. What's your motivation to helping others?

My motivation is simply that person who helped me back in the CoD 4 days. Ever since then each G&RM I do has to be bigger and better than the last because even if I’m only able to help one person, that’s one more Geoff that can sit back and smile because he was able to conquer his hardest achievement. I haven’t done a whole lot of G&RMs, but I believed I’ve developed not only a style, but a rapport with people seeing my name tied to a guide.

Any games you wish you could have had a hand in doing the guide for, or maybe something you've gotten your eye on in future?

More than anything I have my eye on GTA V. Depending on what goes on with a police academy in November I may or may not try my hand at it. I have a sinking feeling that throngs of writers may take to the streets of GTA V to try their shot at it so we’ll have to see how everything goes.

Is the 360 your only current console? What others have sharpened your gaming skills over the years?

The 360 is certainly not my only console. I do a little gaming on my laptop (mostly Runescape), and own a PS3 of which I’ve been playing some Last of Us (although before that the Playstation was solely for Socom), an N64 for classic reunion night with some old friends on Super Smash Bros, and the whole slew of older goodies like the PS2, Xbox, Gameboys, and DS.

What is your gaming setup (pics if you've got 'em)?

No pic no proof? (Editors note: That's what the ladies always tell me, dammit.)
I would do a bigger, wider picture, but everything is a mess in here while I’m creating new shelving for my collection of games and movies. Special thanks to UCanCallMeDucky for showing me the error of my previous way of displaying my collection.

When you're picking the next game to grace your console, do you go for game play or achievements first?

It’s all about the game. Achievements can be earned no matter what, but you better be able to enjoy the game in order to spend money on it—especially when you work for each penny. Although I certainly will avoid games with unobtainable, unrealistic, or unfair achievements if they are not in my preferred genres or styles.

Everyone has a 360 game they can't get enough of, what’s yours?

Everyone loves grinding 100+ hours of Spartacus right? Oh seriously. I would say as of late it has to be Defiance. I was putting in ridiculous hours into the game and enjoying every second of it and cannot wait for them to pop out some DLCs—it’ll be the motivation I need to start playing it again. (Editors note: Now kids, this is what happens when we have too much sugar. We think games like Defiance are fun. And I have 1k in Defiance and I'VE SUFFERED ENOUGH! Ahem, I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion.........)

Out of all of the games you played (on any system), which was your favourite?

Socom II
Oh an explanation? Bah. To me it was/is/will be the greatest shooter ever to grace video games. It was in depth, it was dynamic, and it was addicting. I put more time into that game than I have ever put into anything Runescape excluded. Simply put it was magical.

Well, there has to be a few games that you didn't like. Which ones were the worst?

I try my hardest not to play games I can’t even minimally enjoy, but I have to say Spartacus Legends is becoming a burden. Without spending money, 100+ hours of grinding literally the same thing over and over and over has made me hardened to the game. I guess I would also say, going back in time, NFL Head Coach series for the PS2 really shot me down from my cloud of love for American Football spin offs.

Admit it, there must be a few games you played just to hear that wonderous achievement unlocked sound? NAME AND SHAME THEM!!!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Disney Pixar’s Bolt
Open Season

I feel dirty listing this.. Hatters made me do it during the GSL I swear! (Editors note: Keep going, let the pain out.)

Disney Pixar’s Up
Madden 06

I’m done I cannot bare to look anymore. These are my most shameful. My laundry is on the table. (Editors note: Strangely you just listed most of my Top 10 Bestest games of All Time and Space).

On that topic, what achievement(s) are you most proud of?

I would be a bloody liar if I didn't say Mile High Club was not my number one most proud achievement. I mean it got me here didn’t it? Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic is a close second coming from GTA IV. Once I finish Spartacus this 50 fame achievement will definitely join the clubo.

Not every game with quick points is easy to complete. Are there any games that you are giving up on or left in the dust?

Giving up on no, leaving in the dust yes. On the way to being worked on are Forza 2 and Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit with Guitar Hero III being lost somewhere in between the local incinerator and my to-do list.

Any games that makes you scream (in frustration/rage or fear)?

Did you say Spartacus Legends and Guitar Hero III? Oh you did…did you? So much senseless rage.

If you could wipe one game franchise clean of the face of the Earth, which would it be?

So long as I have your word that I won’t be hung from the next gallows we can get rid of the Guitar Hero franchise. I love playing around and pretending I know how to play the guitar, but some of the achievements those sick human beings devise are cruel and unusual and I’m fairly sure they violate the Geneva Convention regulations on war.

Do you care that most games nowadays seem to be rehashes? If you could choose would you go for a new IP or something familiar?

Rehashes can be done properly and can be just as fun as IPs so I do not care one bit that many games appear to be drawn on from previous titles. I’m a guy who would love to see some of the old goodies (*cough* Socom) revived and done right instead of seeing 100 new shooter games come out.

We all know gaming goes on till the early morning. What do you eat and drink to keep the reflexes sharp all night?

I drink water like a fish, and chew on tons and tons of gum to keep myself from eating food. When things get really rough, like they have gone for the past 4 Tuesday nights (failing the Moon Easter Egg in BLOPS) I will break out the Root beer, the pizza bites, the 2:00AM fruit salads and gorge on it all.

I'm assuming some of those late night sessions included some achievement boosting. Any good/bad/memorable experiences you can regale us with? Were staff involved?

I’ve been trying to get the Moon Easter Egg achievement in BLOPS for the past month now every Tuesday with the same group of guys. It’s been such a fun time even though we’ve failed time and time again. The laughs, the moments, and the companionship make it worth it every time.

You have any particular online buddies that you hang out with regularly? Or any that have gone AWOL and you pine for like a lonely wolf?

My crew from Moon Egg hunting has become usual hangout buddies. I’m much more of a loner than people make me out to be so “hanging out” hasn’t always been an easy task for me.

Naked gaming - good or the stuff of nightmares?

Ever since Papa Creech caught me red pawed I’ve been hesitant on making a public opinion related to the matter. I will therefore defer to my lawyer who reminds me to plead the 5th (Editors note: Luckily we always keep the pics. Just in case).

What was the last thing you purchased on the arcade? Worth it?

The Walking Dead 400 Days. Worth it? Man of course it was worth it! Worth every penny and then some.

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