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Do you purchase/enjoy DLC? Or see it as a vicious cash cow to be ignored?

I purchase, purchase, purchase. They are a very pretty cash cow which must be carefully and gingerly milked for each delicious drop of GS. Tell me that didn’t leave an image in your head of confusion and happiness haha. (Editors note: Nope. What I do have is the number of a good therapist.)

As a fan of history (and wrangling bears) do you think there are any eras that have been overlooked when it comes to games?

Military history prior to the split of Rome into Western and Eastern or even history from 800BC-1200AD is full of intense and important military history. The history there is of such a nature that not only would a dev have a ton of liberty to work off of the facts, but even more leeway to add to the pre-existing conditions. To name a few specific groups and names that could see promising games: 1) Attila the Hun 2) Ancient Rome 3) The Mongols 4) Saladin 5) The Crusades and the curveball… Indians of North America and South America (they aren’t Native Americans because they are not Native to America, took an 3 credit class on them haha).

On a similar vein any periods of time that need to be left alone for a while (we're ALL looking at you WW2)?

Well I do suppose WW2 can stop being fondled for a bit, but if you do it right, replaying the same great scenes is fun. I’m a history buff, I can’t say one particular part should be left alone, I love it all too much.

Or maybe we need a Park Ranger Simulator? Would that be the pinnacle of gaming or a snooze fest? What achievements would you recommend?

I don’t know about the pinnacle of gaming, but it would give people a whole new respect for those of us that are serving them instead of being with our families on the holidays and weekends. Everyone would be pros at writing notices and tickets, evicting unhappy patrons and non-compliant violators, dealing with domestic disturbances and missing children, administering first aid, and best of all, knowing where to hide in your park when you need a break.

As far as the achievements go they would also have to be realistic. Doing a successful parks event, writing an incident report, safely dealing with a domestic abuse report, finding a missing child, attempting to track down lost hikers, dressing up as Smokey The Bear and harassing the patrons who light fires in no fire zones, and the crown jewel of them all—chasing naked concert goers through a golf course while they are high on drugs at a PHISH concert. (Editors note: We just created a new genre here. I call dibs.)

I notice you've snagged someones Staff Club award (and made your own). Why did you choose THOSE particular games? Personal nostalgia or pride?

I went for Clueless’s because she was the one who taught me how to be in the Guide Team. Call that nostalgia. My games have a nice little backstory behind them which sits comfortably in spoiler tags because like anything else, I ramble like a mad man. I’m hoping to add one more massive completion sometime by the end of the year which will round out my club nicely. Ultimately my game choices came down to what I was most proud of and what I wanted to best represent me.

Be honest now, The Cursed Crusade is a bad version of Assassins Creed, admit it?

Nah. The Cursed Crusade is a low budget attempt at hack-and-slash coupled with… err… history! (Editors note: I'll be honest, I based my opinion on seeing the game cover one time in a store, from an angle, in dubious lighting.)The game is linear to the tenth degree unlike AC, but is fun because I don’t even remember the last time I heard of someone doing a crusade game.

Which game(s) are you most eagerly awaiting?

B A R 4 D. Let them know. - - - GTA V without a doubt in my mind.

If you could add ONE thing/feature to the site, what would it be?

More expansive and interactive player profiles. No idea what the extra details would entail but that would be one thing I would love to see happen.

If you were Admin of the site for a day, what would you do?!

Court of Deity DEADLY DOG the Wise would be in session all day. The peasants… I mean members of x360a would be able to a plea… I mean make a case for something they want to see happen or desire. Court would be open all day and at the end of the day we will have Scotty beam us up so we may begin our journey to collect the dragon balls!

Any closing remarks?

First off, jack, that message when I first got it looked a lot like an elaborate way to say you just got banned—I was scared ha. Just wanted to say thanks to jack though for hosting me this magical month and deciphering the rambling of a mad man into material the ladies, gents, and Gackerz (Editors note: Is that what we are calling Gackt's fanclub now?) of x360a can consume. Had a ton of fun writing this up and hope you all had a ton of fun reading it. I suggest everyone try their hand at Achievement Guide and RoadMap writing which will help to increase the diversity, the popularity, and the prestige of this community. And who knows, you may see a picture of a dog on your wall letting you know it just went live!
~Live Long and Prosper~

So there you have it. Another lovely interview though, sigh, he did end with a Star Trek quote. It's like he's trying to make us all look like nerds or something. Also I only knew it was from Star Trek because someone told me.......maybe. Ok, no one sees the answers but me so that is a BLATANT lie. Damn.

So........see you next month people.

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