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Originally Posted by Divine Infekt View Post
Thanks! I tried to two star Acinto Rise, even after following ovendonkey's footsteps I was still 10 seconds behind the two star time. With dedication i could have done it but I was only one star away and i wanted this journey over fast! I worked on Chroma because the path on this course is very simple, if you can maintain top speed the entire race, and perform the two perfect wall rans on the curved glass walls (i always screwed up that second part and ended up on a lower platform and then having to jump up to the next level.) ovendonkey did not do the two wall runs in his video, i thought what he did was slower. if you can do the second wall run and then jump to the top platform there it saves you from climbing it but you must be at top speed. it saved me 2-3 seconds, if you know what section i'm talking about.
Yea, I know perfectly what part you're talking about, chroma for me was too plain, run forward for 20 seconds, jump for 15 seconds, wall run for the last sections. I couldn't use the side-jump boost so the long running sections hindered me. I'm more into speed-vaulting and jumping all over the place. Chroma was the first time trial I played in the DLC and after trying it I thought "Wait, I may not be able to get the achievement if they're all this hard." Fast forward 12 hours and I got my cheevo for 90 stars.

IMO Chroma was the hardest time trial for me.

I loved Actino rise (even though I got 2 stars on it), when I first played the level I had the "easy way out" mentality because I knew I didn't NEED to get 3 stars, hence I got 2 stars then said to myself "If I need that third star I'll come back to it." The only problem with that level is that sometimes the jumps are random, sometimes I'll speed-vault, sometimes I'll climb up the wall slowly, sometimes Faith won't even run up the wall. It was so random I did get frustrated at some points.
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