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Stuff u might wanna know

Seem as though most people appear to b intellectualy challenged I thought I'd put some tips. It angers me that there is hardly any inteterest in this game on this site, i'm putting it down to achievement whores being scared of actual challenges.

This game is hard, not cave bullet hell-trails evo hard but quite hard so u can't boost all the multiplayer cheevo's with your score whore mates or use a guide for all collectables. It will require u to man up and actually do something challenging.

To triple perfect+ a level U need to collect all gold, collect all four power Ups and hit a bullseye at the end in 1 go, on all three difficulties.

You can get the checkpoint and still get perfect+ it is only a points bonus.

The retro levels don't count towards getting all perfect +, there is no cannon etc at the end so that is obvious. Also I think u only have to finish the retro levels for them to count as complete so getting all gold bars isn't necessary, i'm not 100% certain till i finish the game

Playing as an extra character for 30 levels only requires you to play 1 new character for the completion of any level. It is cumulative so U could play the same level on the same difficulty 30 times. I used captian dill or whatever, I've heard it not unlock for some characters so I'd use dill to be sure.

Opening alternate endings, replaying retro levels stuff like that should b done on quite easy. The difficulty doesn't affect the retro level so if U have to try repeatedly make it as easy as possible.

The alternate endings or blue exits open locked levels on the world map nothing else so r only necessary on quite easy.

The rewards should b self explanitory there is a section in the menu dedicated to them, there is also a stats option that is helpful.

The secret achievements require U to

do the above for play 30 levels as a new character.

Run 26.6 miles, can b checked in stats

Hit a bullseye

Dance 100 times, dance will b unlocked in world 2

Hopefully that should clear most of the air, but I'm guessing that there will b more dumb questions regardless.

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