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見知らぬアイツに会いに行く! -10

Awarded for winning one player match. Can be earned by defeating either a boosting partner or an actual player in an unranked/player match. Will unlock at the results screen.

だーれが一番強いかな? -10

Awarded for winning one ranked match online. Can be earned by defeating either a boosting partner or an actual player in a ranked match. Will unlock at the results screen. Play 49 more ranked games for the battle of the goldenwitch achievement.

誰かこの俺を止めてみろ! -25

Achievement is unlocked when 10 consecutive ranked battles are won by the player. The game throws the payer a curveball however, and has an anti-cheat system implemented to prevent artificial inflation of the leader boards. The system is designed to disregard the consecutive wins against a single player within a 24 hour period within the last 5 people played, so any ranked wins against those players that do not meet the criteria do not count.

There are two solutions to defeat the system. The first would be to wait out the 24 hour lockout timer. The second method would be to have multiple partners (at least 5) to alternate losing to the person trying to accumulate 10 wins. The third and best way would be for both players to quit directly to the dashboard from the match results screen and repeat the boosting process. Once the achievement unlocks, that player is set for some else to unlock 名ストッパー!which is awarded for defeating a player who is currently on winning streak of at least 10 ranked wins.

名ストッパー! -25

Achievement is unlocked when defeating another player who is currently on winning streak of at least 10 ranked wins. See the guidance provided in, "誰かこの俺を止めてみろ!" to set up a player with the correct prerequisites for defeat to unlock this achievement.

battle of the goldenwitch -25

Requires 50 total games played in ranked matches. Follow the guidance provided to circumvent the anti-cheat system to ensure every ranked game is counted towards this achievement.

うみねーこ、うみねこぉっ! うみねこコンボ! -25

This involves completing a combo that inflicts over 5000 points of damage AND winning the match. This can be done in any game mode other than Training, so local verses mode against a non existent second player would be best.

This comes down to memorization and timing. Smrnov has uploaded his successful attempt on youtube, and the combination consisted of Eva Beatrice and Jessica. The achievement will pop not after the combo is done, but after the player has WON the match; and will unlock at the battle results screen.

Eva Beatrice: D

Jessica: 22C j.CB 2A2B5B5C Meta Dash 6A5B2B5C 2C 214C 623A+B 6C 641236C 22C j.CB 2A2B5B5C Dash Cancel 6A5B2B5C 236A+B

For the sake of clarification, (j.CB) is a jump, slight delay, C button then B button.

Eva Beatrice:

Jessica: 22 j. 2255 Meta Dash 6525 2 214 623+ 6 641236 22 j. 2255 Dash Cancel 6525 236+

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