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Blue Ribbon Challenge Guide

Raven's Dome.
  1. Defeat all enemies with the sky-hook melee (Soldiers) - Equipping Gear which grants Melee damage will help a lot (e.g. Burning Halo); and it doesn’t fail the challenge if the enemy dies from the elemental damage done by the Gear!
  2. Defeat all enemies with the pistol (Soldiers) - Upgrade your Pistol prior to starting the wave (if not done yet) might help here.
  3. Defeat all enemies using only the Undertow Vigor (Soldiers, Volley Gunners) - Equip your Undertow Vigor and wait for the soldiers to be near an edge where you can ‘knock’ them off easily.
  4. Defeat all enemies with vigor traps (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers, Zealots) - Take care not to line up 2 enemies in front or behind you. If they accidently shoot each other, you will fail this challenge. SO I would suggest not to use a Possession trap!
  5. Defeat the Handyman before any other enemy (Soldiers, Handyman) - Be sure not to use Undertow on the Handyman when other enemies are nearby. The chance to set them flying off is too high.
  6. Defeat 5 enemies via friendly fire (Soldiers, Patriots) - Lower the health of the soldiers and then use your Possession Vigor on the Patriot to let him kill 5 of the Soldiers.
  7. Defeat the Volley Gunner and the Zealot before damaging any snipers (Soldiers, Snipers, Volley Gunners, Zealot) - Just make sure you kill everyone but the snipers first.
  8. Defeat all enemies with turrets or environmental hazards (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers) - Use only Rocket or Gun Automations or set Oil spills on Fire or shock Water Puddles. Tesla Coil is also fine.
  9. Defeat all enemies in 60 seconds using vigors only (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers, Firemen) - Make sure your salts are always full and then keep throwing the enemies off of Columbia with Undertow.
  10. Take no damage for 30 seconds (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers, Firemen) - Just as JuSt BLaZe said. Open the decoy tear from where you spawn then duck into nearby cover.
  11. Defeat all enemies with the Shotgun (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers, Volley Gunners, Firemen)Self-explanatory
  12. Defeat the wave without picking up weapons or looting corpses (Soldiers, Firemen)You can get rid of the Firemen easily by throwing them off of Columbia with Undertow.
  13. Defeat all enemies while they are distracted with a Booker decoy tear (Snipers, Patriots) - Just set up a decoy and wait for the enemies to get to it, use your Undertow Vigor and throw them off of Columbia (this only works for the 2 soldiers) For the Patriots shoot them down to low health, set up the decoy and then destroy them.
  14. Defeat each enemy with the same weapon-type it wields (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers) - The easiest way to do this might be to set up a decoy and check which weapon each enemy is carrying. Then take them out one after another. Remember to use tears to get the specific weapon needed to kill the enemies.
  15. Defeat each enemy with a different weapon (Fireman, Handyman) - You can kill the Fireman with Undertow by knocking him off of Columbia. The 2 Handymen have then to be killed with different weapons.

Emporia Arcade
  1. Defeat an enemy affected by Bucking Bronco with a possessed Motorized Patriot (Soldiers, Patriots) - First kill one of the Patriots from where you start and lower the health of the soldiers. Then use the skyline to go to the lower bridge which the decoy is on. You will need quite a few tries keeping the Patriot possessed and the soldiers flying.
  2. Defeat 2 enemies who are riding sky-lines with traps (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers) - Right from where you start the wave, there are 2 soldiers coming in for you riding the sky-line (one from each side). If you are lucky, you can hit them directly with a trap and kill them. This one requires a lot of luck.
  3. Defeat wave with hazards or support brought in through tears (Soldiers, Volley Gunners) - Right from the start, bring in the Tesla Coil through a tear and start luring the enemies towards it. Shooting the enemies and thus lowering their health will not fail the challenge and help quite a lot by means of saving time.
  4. Defeat the wave using a different weapon or vigor on every enemy (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers) - Just Use different weapons or Vigors on each of them. You can also try to knock one of the enemies off the bridge with Undertow. However, be careful just to knock off one! You can also use the upgraded Possession Vigor, which will cause the possessed enemy to suicide, once possession is wearing off. Using different Vigors on the same enemy doesn’t fail the challenge. As long as you are taking care with which you killed the enemy and not using that again on another one.
  5. Defeat both Handymen while they are electrocuting a sky-line (Handyman) - For this one, remember to use Undertow to stun them for a short time, to get their health down by shooting their hearts. Just before their health reaches ‘0’, ride a sky-line to get them to electrocute it. Take out one at a time.
  6. Defeat all enemies using only the Shotgun (Soldiers, Snipers) - You might want to bring in a Freight Hook through a tear to get to the bulding where all the Snipers and Soldiers are located. Then just pick your shot one after another, 2 of the Snipers shots will kill you!
  7. Defeat two enemies with the Firemans suicide attack (Soldiers, Firemen) -
  8. Defeat the wave within 1:20 (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers, Patriots) - Right from where you start, jump to the freight hook on the floating boat to your left and use Undertow on the Patriot to stun him and take him out quickly. After that, bring in the freight hook through a tear on the building ahead of you and toss the Soldiers off the edge with Undertow. Then run towards the second Patriot and again use Undertow to stun him and a powerful weapon to take him out.
  9. Defeat the Siren before destroying the zeppelin (Soldiers, RPG-Soldiers, Patriots, Siren) -Only thing you should take care of is not to die, or to have an extra life. First, the Zeppelin will appear out of the fog. After that, two flying ships will bring in some Soldiers and RPG-Soldiers. After killing them, make your way up to the zeppelin by using the freight hooks on the airships. Get rid of the Patriot and the last few soldiers coming out of the zeppelin. Now kill the Siren before destroying the engine of the zeppelin.
  10. Defeat all enemies using only the sniper rifle (Soldiers) - There are only around 3 to 4 enemies which will actually shoot at you. The other will come at you with melee.
  11. Defeat all enemies while they are distracted with a Booker decoy tear (Handyman) - Enemies only have to be distracted by the decoy when giving them the final blow. You can lower their health without having a decoy set up. When their health is low, set up one of the decoys and kill them. Taking out one by one is recommended.
  12. Defeat all Soldiers and Zealots with Bucking Bronco; followed by Charge (Soldiers, Zealots, Patriots) - Take out the 2 Patriots first from afar with a Carbine. During this the 2 Zealots will likely come up to you. Just send them flying with Bucking Bronco, followed by Charge to knock them off easily. After that, go down to the building, where the rest of the soldiers are. Then repeat the same procedure as for the Zealots and you should be fine.
  13. Defeat each enemy with the same weapon-type it wields (Soldiers) - (Glitch: If you have an extra life from the previous wave(s), get yourself killed. When in the detectives office, wait for a moment, because some enemies will jump off the airships, fall and die. This will NOT fail your Challenge! You can then get out using the door and get rid of the remaining enemies, taking care only to use the weapons they are weilding. Maxed out shield and health recommended // I am not claiming credit on this one. Found this out today by myself, but have read about it in this thread as well)
  14. Defeat the handyman with a Motorized Patriot tear (Handyman) - Lower the health of the handyman as much as you can, then bring in the Patriot through the tear on one of the airships. Setting up the decoy will help you to lower the health of the handyman.
  15. Knock 4 corpses off of Columbia before the Siren can resurrect them (Siren) - I got this one without actually doing anything
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