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Ok, so here's what I've got so far:

Duke and Dimwit Theater

1. (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers): Defeat all enemies with the shotgun – Self explanatory
2. (Soldiers, Patriots, Firemen, Zealots): Defeat two enemies with a possessed patriot – Try to shoot two enemies (preferably soldiers) down to low health and then possess a Patriot. Meanwhile get rid of the remaining enemies, unless you didn’t kill them before.
3. (Firemen): Force 3 Firemen to self-destruct while airborne from Bucking Bronco or Undertow – Not very hard. You don’t need to have all 3 to self-destruct themselves at the same time. Just try one after another.
4. (Soldiers, Volley Gunners): Damage 5 enemies with Vigor traps – Shouldn’t be too hard at all. Just set up a Vigor trap and lure 5 enemies into it. Keep in mind that Bucking Bronco, Charge and Undertow cannot be used to set up traps! (Note: You don’t need 5 different enemies, but the enemy should trigger 5 of the traps 'fields')
5. (Soldiers, Snipers): Complete the wave in under 0:45 – There are 4 snipers and a few Soldiers with batons. You shouldn’t have too much problems completing this challenge. Take out the snipers from the Tower you’re starting and the Soldiers will come to you using the skyline.
6. (Handyman): Defeat the handyman while he’s electrocuting a skyline – Shouldn’t be too hard. The Handyman is up on the tower you started on wave 5. Take the skyline to the tower and shoot down his health to almost 0. Then get back on the skyline until he is electrocuting it. Then take him out. (Glitch: I was moving around the house up on the tower and halfway around it, the handyman didn’t move anymore. Have to look into this glitch once more to figure something out on how to avoid it)
7. (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers, Patriots): Defeat five enemies with Undertow – Again, not very hard. The enemies are coming in with airships. Shouldn’t be much of a problem blowing them off of their airships with undertow. Maybe I misread something, but I completed the challenge after killing one enemy with undertow.
8. (Soldiers, Volley Gunners): Defeat 2 enemies with a Possessed rocket turret – Wait until the enemies leave their airship (or force them to by getting their attention and following you) and then possess the rocket turret that’s mounted under the airship. Lowering the enemies health prior to possessing the turret might help.
9. (Soldiers, Zealots, Patriots): Defeat every enemy with a different weapon or Vigor – Self explanatory
10. (Soldiers, Volley Gunners): Complete the wave using only Charge, Return to Sender; and Shotguns – Self-explanatory. Just equip your Charge and Return to Sender Vigors, as well as the Shotgun and Heater and you should be fine.
11. (Soldiers, Patriots): Defeat the Patriot with a possessed enemy – As above, self-explanatory. Shoot all Soldiers but one, lower the Patriots health and then possess that last soldiers to kill the Patriot.
12. (Soldiers, Snipers): Defeat all enemies with Vigor traps - Not very hard. Just set up some Vigor traps and lure the enemies into them. Remember, you can also 'shoot' the trap directly at an enemy, which does more damage than if you set them up on the ground.

13. (Soldiers, Volley Gunners): Defeat 5 enemies with a single Devil’s Kiss blast -
14. (Soldiers, Handyman): Defeat the handyman with a Tesla Coil – Bring in the Tesla Coil through a tear. Then Lower the Handyman’s health, have the handyman around the Tesla Coil and let it do the rest (High shield and health stats highly recommended).
15. (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers): Complete the wave in under 1:30 – Haven’t found a good method to do this yet. Important to know is that you have to kill 4 more enemies inside the blimp and destroy the engine to end the wave.

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