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Originally Posted by Kugare View Post
haha, beating all these challenge seems harder than completing the 1999 mode... or lets say it's at least way more frustrating.

13. (Soldiers, Volley Gunners): Defeat 5 enemies with a single Devil’s Kiss blast -

no idea how i should obtain this... i even upgraded Devil's Kiss, but only managed to kill 2 enemies... and if you fool around, just to let enough enemys alive and to wait for the perfect momemt, the risk is very high to just die and fail the challenge + you have repeat 12 waves. yay! -_-
i would prefer the normal difficult, instead of the hard one.

hopefully someone makes a video for this challenge or tell me a good solution how to complete the challenge.

btw: at the moment i save my money for the gallery & upgrades, but after buying all stuff, i guess you can waste your money for extra lives... i didn't bought one so far, but if you spent 500 dollar and die, do you fail the challenge? and can you buy more than 1 "extra live" ?
After using up your extra life, you can run again to that 'detectives door' and buy a new one. The next one costs you $1000, the third one $2000.

But I'm not sure if this carries over to the other maps. I think it doesn't, since i bought 2 extra lives on the first map, and a few minutes ago i bought another extra life (for $500) on Raven's Dome

And a tip for that #13 challenge: You might use a Pistol or Hand Cannon to lower the enemies health and then use that devil's kiss to kill them (setting up a trap might help). Also you should consider wearing that Gear which grants some extra splash damage for Devil's Kiss and 2 other Vigors!

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