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destroying 1k siege achievement FAST!

simple to get this achievement in 15mins, simply complete wei story/hypotical,or until u unlock battle at baidai castle, choose any character, (if you want fast 99) choose begginer equip duel throwing axes as they hit multiple times its 10x faster then using a spear/halberd etc, kill the enemys around ur spawn, then head to most south-eastern base where yueying is, w8 til she says something about juggernauts spawning, then kill all enemies and u will notice 2 spawning juggernauts, lure them into 1 corner, take em both out, then they will keep spawning all time, sometimes 1 will spawn at other side of garrison just take it out and keep repeating, it works on usa, and UK copys, i did it not too long ago, hes the video link of wat to do its in JP tho, but i explained in english wat to do enjoy the 1000 siege achivement

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