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Originally Posted by Diego Knyte View Post
Chapter 11: Ruby Semiconductor (10K each)

Alright, this is a weird one, if not tricky. You can choose to leave this one and go straight to the Peng Treasure duplication as it might be more worth your time. The Ruby Semiconductors are worth 10K Credits and the Peng Treasures are worth 30K Credits each. If you HAPPEN to get 100 Ruby's to duplicate, which I couldn't get close to and you get them back to the Store you'll get 1 Million Credits for a 1-2 hours work. For about an hour of work you'll have 1.5 Million with the Peng Treasure after duping only 50 of them. This is PLENTY. You're just 1 level away from completing all 12 Chapters and if you plan to stick out another full Round for the One Gun achievement, this is more than enough money.

Instead of describing how to duplicate the Ruby Semiconductor use the video below for help.

You Tube Video uploaded by KingCoffeeduck
YouTube- Dead Space Glitch

Chapter 11: Peng Treasure (30K each)

For duplicating the the Peng Treasure there's a video which has you do it the same way as the Ruby Semiconductor. It seems to work but was really tricky to do and kind of a pain for me. I didn't get more than 5 to duplicate.

The video of the first method is just below but you can choose to skip to my sure-fire alternate method after it...

You Tube Video by KingCoffeeduck
YouTube- DeadSpace-Treasure

My alternate Peng Treasure method…

I happened upon an alternate method by accident. For me it was way more consistent and less cumbersome.

After clearing out the Docking Bay waiting area, following the elevator ride near the Tram, enter the Hangar and watch the cutscene of the Shuttle landing. Return and Save your game to 2 slots BEFORE you pick up the Peng Treasure. Return to the Hangar and the Peng is to your right and down in the recess between the ship landings. Kinesis-grab it and return to the waiting area. Drop the Peng in the middle of the room in straight sight of the big door to the left of the Save Point. Enter the small Security door to the right of the Save Point. Run to the far right of the room past the door in front of you. You should hear a "Pa-Woosh" sound which plays when you walk over an in-game trip-wire. Return to where the Peng Treasure was and it's there again! Pick it up and repeat! You can opt to Kinesis-throw the Peng at the door while making your way back to the waiting area. This might make it a tad quicker.

Like I said, I duplicated about 50 of them then stopped. I did activate that "Pa-Woosh" one more time and looked and another did respawn but I left it. I bet more could have been gotten but I'll leave that up to you guys to decipher. A million and a half credits was more than enough for me. When you are done, do that Kinesis-grab thing and get them back to the Store. Sell enough to get 999,999 and Safe the rest.

Forgot to mention, if you haven't already, you can get the "There's Always Peng [15G]" Achievement here after your initial dupe-start save and before you dupe. If you want the 'cheeve quick, Kinesis-grab it, pick it up into inventory, BLIP goes the 'cheeve then reload the save and start duplicating it. If you don't care about it yet, Dupe away! You'll get it when you reach the store and pick up the first Peng to sell.

Here's the video of my Peng method…

My You Tube Video...
YouTube- Dead Space PENG duplication glitch

So there you have it, Glitching Credits and Items in Dead Space. You'll have enough credits for the Maxed Out (upgrade all weapons) by the end of the first play through.

Thanks to The Mau5 and everyone who contributed.

If I forget to add anything or you have things to contribute, share it. This guide will probably not be updated as I've moved onto other things.

Thanks and frag safe!

- Dk

3rd post on this thread, just watch the last video post by the original poster and you can get the maxed out achievement. I collected 60 because I lost track and got my maxed out achieve no prob shortly after handing them all in. A little bit time consuming but MUCH less time consuming than playing thru again. Mine bugged out where it said to turn around in the video (hear the noise) so I ran thru the next door that is in the same little room, turned around after it closed and then everything was back to normal. Great find, I kind of feel EA put this and things like stasis cheat in the game to help get the achieves. I might be wrong, but either way, def a fun game.

Thank you very much DK for your Peng Dupe Guide...
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