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I just got Compulsive!!!!!!! I can say from experience I used Split Infinity's gamefaqs guide until I beat the game. I then used Signum7's Seraphic Gate guide for the Seraphic Gate. I used the interactive excel checklist on this website to keep track of the items.

I played on Infinity mode for Compulsive. I now have to go back and beat the Queen on hard mode for my last achievement. I recommend infinite mode for Compulsive, because you will have the odd numbered gamerscore for less time (I had the odd gamerscore for 3 days. I didn't get the 49pt achievement right away intentionally as to keep my gamerscore in increments of 5, but you need the 49pt'er to get a few items.)

There are only 15 missable items (which are all stated in Split Infinity's guide. So this achievement is more about time and correct documentation. I checked off 1 item that I never got so when I crafted my last item, the achievement didn't pop up. Luckily I hadn't used or sold any items so it took about an hour to track down the missing item, but I found and crafted the missing item. It was "Apocalypse of Light" weapon for Michelle.

My advice is:
1. Don't sell anything (unless you are selling salamander boots to make money)
2. Save most of the crafting for the end game.
3. Save before every important craft. (any item that its ingredients are rare or one-time-items)
4. Get characters to Crafting level 6 when the guides say so, because that is when the shops sell items to do so easily (green berries for alchemy aren't sold post-game)
5. Make sure you document correctly
6. Do research on Luck/Rare drops (This cuts down on farming times for dragon fangs, pius wood, gold berries, and the Lumper paper's by hours!! I had to farm between 40-50 of each item, except the Lumper paper's, which amounted to 8-10 hours of farming)

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