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My boyfriend and I are kinda going through a rough time I guess but I think it's mostly just because I'm a little unhappy right now. I'm not gonna lie. I reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly want to be married and have that commitment especially since now I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I'd really like my daughter to grow up under a "family". It's important to me for her. But he doesn't seem to be in any sort of rush and we've talked about it. Back in September he took me to a store to pick out a ring and I saw the ring I wanted. Then when taxes came back this year we had enough money for the ring and I told him that. He knew that I wanted to get married in June of this year but these past few months he's made some comments about getting married June of next year not this year. Then the whole ring thing he didn't really say much of anything until around the time when I was gonna actually go through with us getting it. He started making comments about how maybe I should spend that money on school or something else and that we'd get the ring next year or something, etc. I was really hurt by it all because he took me to look at that ring in the first place months ago so I thought that once we could afford it he'd get it. Now it's like all of these little excuses for why he's in no rush and then he says stuff like he wishes I would help clean and cook more often. I don't know what his real deal is. Maybe he's just scared to commit. He hasn't really had a good example of marriage or relationships growing up in his family and in his own life. Or maybe he just doesn't want to be with me forever really? I don't know.
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