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hybrid rush is similar to hero rush. It is unlocked upon reaching level 500 in arcade mode.

it is timed (you start with 15 seconds) and coins add to your time. At the end of each level above the door you will see the powerups you will be given in the next level.

you can be given as many as 3 powerups in a level. For example, tiny + box + jetpack.

I would say you should have around 18 seconds built up by the time you hit level 20, and 10 - 12 by level 30.

dying on a level more than a couple of times usually spoils the run, but you can recover from a bad level if you get a few lucky easy ones in a row.

for beating the story, I spent coins on showing the path through especially difficult levels. Coins seem to accumulate even if you die, as I had over 25000 by the time I hit level 220.

once you hit level 240, the achievement pops after a cutscene and credits.
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