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There were some really tough parts, but not 10 of them.
I'd say:
1. Taking out that tank on a squre in the russian mission. Because I only had one smoke grenade left and the tank always moves away, if you move up to it. Managed it by running into the middle after killing the Krauts and going prone. Then I just ran up to it and planted the explosives (make sure you back up quickly, so it won't run you over!), that eventually worked.

2. In "Fortress Stalingrad", where you have to survive the incomming waves of Nazis. Got me really frustrated, until I just went prone in a hallway and didn't bother with sniping, or destroying the halftrack, but instead just killed all Krauts, that entered the building. Made it a whole lot easier.

3. Obviousely the German HQ in "The Tiger". Until I read in a thread, that there is a checkpoint in the house on the left,that part just pissed me off. After using that checkpoint I had no further problems.

4. Finding the next checkpoint in "The Battle of Pointe du Hoc" (first part of D-Day, at the top of the cliffs). That took me about 30 mins to figure out, as I at first always went in the wrong direction.

5. "The Silo". That mission is a real bitch. I had no problems with the sniping part, but getting there was a real pain! That was the only mission I had to put the game on "hardened", instead of "veteran" and go back to it, after completing the game an netting all the other achievements. Finally made it though. If the teampartners weren't such absolutely useless sons of b***es from time to time, that wouldn't even be that hard. It's just that Krauts swarm at you from multiple directions and shoot you in the back, because you AI partners decide to not shoot at them...

6. Taking the fourth bunker in "Hill 400". I had way more trouble with getting to that bunker, than with defending the hill and sniping the mortars... But compared to "The Silo" the whole game was a walk in the park

But I got my 1000's today, after 4 days of fun and frustration! A really good feeling to have that one completed!
I think I will just play through it again now, but on easy or medium. Just to see how easy it will be
Killing thousands of Nazi bastards more!
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