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Blue Ribbon Challenge Guide

Hi everyone,

I've seen a lot of achievement guides throughout my time on this site and I've always wanted to make one of my own. Well an achievement guide seemed a big first step so I thought I would start with a guide for the Blue Ribbon Challenges on Bioshock Infinite.

The below link is very helpful for all waves


Ops Zeal
  1. Defeat the wave using Sky-line strikes only (Soldiers) - Pretty self explanatory this one, only use Skyline strikes to take out each enemy.
  2. Defeat the wave taking only shield damage (Soldiers) - Again, self explanatory, you are not allowed to take enough damage to destroy your shield. I found the best way to do this was using the Sky-line to make a getaway after every kill.
  3. Defeat the wave using only the Sky hook attacks and Shotgun (Soldiers) - You can use both versions of the Shotgun (Founder and Vox) and any attack that uses your sky hook, again I would advise using Sky-Line strikes.
  4. Defeat the wave using only Machine guns or the Crank gun (Soldiers and Volley Gunners) - This one is fairly simple, just be careful when attacking the enemy with the Volley gun, if you accidently hit one of his projectiles and it does damage to the enemy this will fail the challenge.
  5. Defeat the wave using only the Pistol and Hand Cannon (Handyman) - This challenge is against a single Handyman. I had fully upgraded the Hand Cannon when I completed this one and it only took 4 heart shots to take him down.
  6. Defeat the wave without picking up weapons or looting corpses (Soldiers and RPG Heavys) - This one is really easy, just start the wave with 2 weapons that has plenty of ammo, or use the Sniper rifle from the Sky-Line and take them out with headshots.
  7. Defeat all enemies using only Zoomable weapons while they are Zoomed (Soldiers, Snipers and Zealots) - As above, you can use the Sniper Rifle or the Vox Burstgun for this challenge, on the Sky-Lines the sole Zealot won't attack so can be easily picked off with headshots.
  8. Defeat all enemies using only tears, Possession traps and Return to Sender traps (Zealots and Volley Gunners) - For this one I simply used the Rocket Automatron and the Tesla Coil near where you spawn.
  9. Defeat all enemies without ever hitting anyone in the head or hear (Soldiers and Handyman) - I used the Sniper Rifle for this challenge along with a Rocket Launcher for the Handyman, Snipe all the Soldiers taking care you don't get a headshot then attack the Handyman by opening the Decoy car and shooting him from behind with Rockets.
  10. Defeat the Siren before she performs a resurrection (Soldiers and Siren) -
  11. Defeat the wave without using Sky-Lines or Hook-Points - Just start this wave with your most upgraded weapons and Vigors and keep moving.
  12. Defeat the wave within 1:15 (Zealots and Firemen) - As above, choose your most powerful loadout to take out the 2 heavy troops and 2 Ravens.
  13. Defeat the wave using only weapons fired from a Sky-Line or Sky-Line strikes -
  14. Defeat the wave using only Shock Jockey and Headshots - I chose the Sniper Rifle again for this challenge and picked off my headshots.
  15. Defeat each enemy with a different vigor type (2 Handymen and 1 Patriot) -
Duke and Dimwit theatre.
  1. Defeat all enemies with the shotgun (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers) - This took me a few attempts because I was accidently shooting the rockets or the RPG soldiers were killing the normal soldiers. I would reccomend taking out the RPG guys first
  2. Defeat two enemies with a possessed patriot (Soldiers, Patriots, Firemen, Zealots) - Try to shoot two enemies (preferably soldiers) down to low health and then possess a Patriot. Meanwhile get rid of the remaining enemies, unless you didn’t kill them before.
  3. Force 3 Firemen to self-destruct while airborne from Bucking Bronco or Undertow (Firemen) - I did this from the roof I spawned on, they bounced up there 1 by 1, I used bucking bronco to get the airbourne then just shoot them until they explode.
  4. Damage 5 enemies with Vigor traps (Soldiers, Volley Gunners) - Just set up a Vigor trap and lure 5 enemies into it. Keep in mind that Bucking Bronco, Charge and Undertow cannot be used to set up traps! (Note: You don’t need 5 different enemies, but the enemy should trigger 5 of the traps 'fields')
  5. Complete the wave in under 0:45 (Soldiers, Snipers) - There are 4 snipers and a few Soldiers with batons. You shouldn’t have too much trouble completing this challenge. Take out the snipers from the Tower you start at and the Soldiers will come to you using the skyline.
  6. Defeat the handyman while he’s electrocuting a skyline (Handyman) - The Handyman is in the tower where you started wave 5. Take the skyline to the tower and shoot down his health to almost 0. Then get back on the skyline until he is electrocuting it. Then take him out.
  7. Defeat five enemies with Undertow (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers, Patriots) - The enemies are coming in with airships. Simply blow them off the edge with Undertow.
  8. Defeat 2 enemies with a Possessed rocket turret (Soldiers, Volley Gunners) - Wait until the enemies leave their airship (or force them to by getting their attention and following you) and then possess the rocket turret that’s mounted under the airship. Lowering the enemies health prior to possessing the turret might help.
  9. Defeat every enemy with a different weapon or Vigor (Soldiers, Zealots, Patriots) - Self explanatory
  10. Complete the wave using only Charge, Return to Sender; and Shotguns (Soldiers, Volley Gunners) - Just equip your Charge and Return to Sender Vigors, as well as the Shotgun and Heater and you should be fine.
  11. Defeat the Patriot with a possessed enemy (Soldiers, Patriots) - Shoot all Soldiers but one, lower the Patriots health and then possess that last soldiers to kill the Patriot.
  12. Defeat all enemies with Vigor traps (Soldiers, Snipers) - Just set up some Vigor traps and lure the enemies into them. Remember, you can also 'shoot' the trap directly at an enemy, which does more damage than if you set them up on the ground.
  13. Defeat 5 enemies with a single Devil’s Kiss blast (Soldiers, Volley Gunners) -
  14. Defeat the handyman with a Tesla Coil (Soldiers, Handyman) - Bring in the Tesla Coil through a tear. Then Lower the Handyman’s health, have the handyman around the Tesla Coil and let it do the rest (High shield and health stats highly recommended).
  15. Complete the wave in under 1:30 (Soldiers, RPG Soldiers) - Select your best weapon/Vigor loadout and set to killing the enemies as fast as possible Important to know is that you have to kill 4 more enemies inside the blimp and destroy the engine to end the wave.

Credit to JuSt BLaZe and Cr4zyFr0ggg for tips on waves and Vaydre for the video link
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Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds - Blue Ribbon Guide

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