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31. 1 Coin (5): Turn around and open up the barred door with the key you grabbed before. Head left once you’re inside and it’s by the locker on the right on the floor.

32. 1 Copper Wire (10): Climb up on top of the locker and face left; it’s right in front of you.

33. 1 Processed Whale Oil (30): Head back out the barred door and face a little to your right. You should see it from where you are on top of a raised concrete platform, next to a metal bar.

34. 1 Small River Krust Pearl (25): Turn right and make your way into the metal tunnel. It’s on the right side of the tunnel in the grass.

35. 1 Processed Whale Oil (30): Continue through to the end of the tunnel and climb up the brick wall in front of you. Look over to the right and it’s on the ground next to the pipe.

36. 1 Coin (10): Face left from the pipe and follow the walkway around the left side; you should pass a Rewire box, a hose reel and a long crate all on your right. The hose reel and crate are on the side of a building. Pass this building and continue straight until you come to the next building. Climb through the window with broken bars on your right; there should be a hose reel to the left of it. Face left once you enter and open the locker next to you; it’s on the top shelf.

37. 1 Pouch (100): Continue until you reach the next locker. It’s inside on the top level, next to a grenade.

38. 1 Coin (1): Pass the last locker and immediately look left; it’s next to the life jacket.

39. 1 Small River Krust Pearl (25): Turn around from where you are and Blink up on top of the boat. It’s inside the boat on the left.

40. 1 Medicinal Herbs (20): Head out of the shed, past the Arc Pylon, until you reach the boat on its side. It’s inside the boat at the bottom.

41. 1 Copper Wire (10): Turn around and head down the wooden ramp in front of you. It’s in between the two generator things to your right.

42. 2 Coins (10): Make your way back up the ramp and over to the sewer control station with the red lever; to the left of the Arc Pylon. One coin is on the ground beside the lever on the right, and the other is above it on the control box.
NOTE: Pull the lever while you’re here.

43. 1 Small River Krust Pearl (25): Follow the lever cord down through the gap in the walkway. Turn left and continue straight past the archway, through the water, until you reach the concrete platform with the water tank above it. The pearl is on the platform next to the grass.

44. 1 Coin (10): Face towards the land and you should see a bench on your right. It’s under the bench on the left side.

45. 1 Ingot (100): Turn around and head up the stairs back to the Arc Pylon. Pass it on the left, and head down past the sewer control station to the left between the two buildings. Take a right, and you’ll find the Safe Combination on the wall behind a wooden board. Follow the Safe marker back to the room with the metal door, which is to the right of the Wall of Sparks you passed before. Use the combination on the safe; you’ll find the ingot inside.
NOTE:This is only available if you purchased the Safe Combination favor at the beginning of the mission.
NOTE 2: Grab the Time Card while you’re here, you’ll need it in a second.

46. 1 Coin, 1 Copper Wire (15): Head back out the metal door and turn around. Blink onto the roof of the same building. You should see a pipe in front of you leading to the large rusted silo on the left. Follow the pipe and Blink up on top of the silo; they’re sitting on top.

From here, head to your right and follow the Time Stamp Machine marker to the small metal shed; it’s near where you took the pouch from the guard before. Use the Time Card on the machine and enter the Slaughterhouse.
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