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71. 1 Pouch (25): Turn around and start to walk back down the carpet the way you came. Head through the first wooden door on your left. Look to your right as you enter; it’s on the desk.

72. 1 Coin (10): Continue across the room until you come to another desk on your right; it’s on there next to the Tarot Cards.

73. 1 Timsh Hound Statuette (100): Go through the door on your right. Cross the foyer again to the display case to the left of the stairs; it’s in there.

74. 1 Coin (10): Turn right from the display case and through the wooden door to the left of the dresser. Head down the stairs and turn right into the kitchen. Turn right again and make your way through the door at the other end of the room. Look left and it’s on the table with the candles.

75. 1 Copper Wire, 1 Processed Whale Oil (40): Look to the right from the table and you’ll see some stacked barrels. Next to them, there’s another table. You’ll find them on there.

76. 1 Processed Whale Oil (30): Look right and walk around the long crates on the right side. It’s behind there on a barrel.

77. 1 Pouch (20): Look to the right and it’s on a covered-up couch.

78. 2 Coins (11): Turn around and go back over to the Air Circulator. Open it and the coins are on the right side.
NOTE: Place the Odorous Bag in the Air Circulator.

79. 1 Medicinal Herbs (20): Head back through the door next to the Air Circulator and walk around the counter to your right. It’s under a Dunwall Whiskey poster on a small table.

80. 1 Medicinal Herbs (20): Turn left and it’s on a shelf.

81. 2 Coin (15): Look left from the shelf and you’ll see them on a wooden table.

82. 1 Pouch (25): Turn around and head back up the stairs. Cross the foyer and walk out through the front door. While Barrister Timsh and General Turnbull are arguing, you should see a guard standing to the right of the guard post, near the alarm bell. The pouch is on him.

83. 1 Copper Wire (10): Enter the guard post and it’s on the table.

84. 1 Pouch (100): Go back out of the guard post and you’ll see three guards patrolling the area after Barrister Timsh faints; it’s on one of them.

85. 2 Coins (11): Now to mop up the rest. Cross the courtyard to the other side. You’ll see some long crates and a floodlight to the right. Walk past them and turn left. There’s more crates stacked on top of each other; crouch under them and the coins are under there.

86. 1 Copper Wire (10): Turn around from the crates and head down the dark alleyway. There’s some long crates at the end; it’s on one of them.

87. 1 Ingot (100): Turn right and drop down. Go through the door on the right back to the Air Circulator room. Turn left and go through the door to the kitchen. Look left at the dumbwaiter. Change the floor selection to 4 and climb in. Pull the lever. Climb out once you’ve stopped moving and head over to the chest on the right side of the room. Now that you have the key, open it and the ingot’s in there.
NOTE: Grab the Will in the chest as well, you’ll need it to receive your reward from Thalia.

88. 2 Coins (2): Turn around and go through the wooden door to the left of the dresser. Turn left and follow the hallway to the end. Go up the stairs and turn left. Follow the green rug until you come to the set of double doors on your right; the same doors you entered the Estate through. Go through onto the balcony and Blink down to the metal balcony in front of you. Turn right through the doorway with the upturned chair in front of it. Look right and you’ll see them on a shelf.

89. Thalia Timsh (500): Follow the objective marker back to the Waterfront District, and then to Thalia at the docks. You’ll receive your reward once she begins speaking.
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