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Easy Fumble Ach

I just noticed a neat little trick for the 2 fumble achievements.(well, not confirmed for the game record achievement, but works for the TD one).

Basically all I did was play with 2 controllers. When I received the kickoff with the other team I stood there and waited for My team to get down there. I then pressed down on the d-pad and he just drops the ball. My team then picks it up in front of the endzone and Tada! It did help if I dropped it as close to the endzone as possible because the CPU tends to dive for the fumble if anyone else is around it.
I will confirm if it works for the TD ach. in a few minutes.

*EDIT* No, didn't even think about it, but the achievement is for same player which this obviously doesn't give the FF to anyone.

BTW, can you not sim after starting a game? I can't find it in the menus while in a game anywhere...
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