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Originally Posted by SallyNasty View Post
I am currently on chapter 14 on Fubar and I can't remember a more difficult playthrough. The AI is absolute bullshit and can headshot you from accross the map. It is the opposite of fun and makes me rethink my dedication to completing a game. I am finishing the game as a fuck you, not because I am enjoying it.
Don't fret. Spiking your controller on the ground and yelling "FUCK YOU!" at your TV when the credits roll is the best feeling in the world. You'll get there. Personally, it took me way more tries to do the beginning of chapter 6 and 13 than the fight uphill on chapter 14. So if you've made it that far, you'll definitely beat the game in no time. Just stick with it. Read my tips for that part here:

I really think that the key to that battle is making sure you have a long-range, precision weapon and DON'T drop it when you pick up the rocket launcher. The precision weapon will allow you to take out most (if not all) of the people behind the bunker from a safer distance. I ordered Adams to kill anyone he could up until the halfway point to the checkpoint. It is only in that area (where he takes cover behind the hummer) that he can get downed. At least it was for me. Up until that point, he was damn near invincible. You can also use him to distract the turret gunner which will provide you with a valuable second or two to aim at his head.

Even if you do get stuck with the SCAR and the RPG, use the RPG for the turret gunners (and don't miss). Keep it with you when you run out of ammo because there is an ammo box halfway up the hill against a wall on the left side that will give you an extra rocket. After you use up that last rocket, then you can (and should) swap it out for anything that is lying around. If you're down to only the SCAR, don't get into cover, but hide behind something and slowly strafe out to where you can peek at where the enemies are and pick them off one by one. Only go for headshots. Advance slowly through this area and make sure that everyone is dead before you move up. There are several spawn points, but the enemies are limited, so take that to heart.

All you have to do is mantle over the sandbags of the outpost where the mortar was and you'll hit a checkpoint. There is a SAW and a grenade launcher in there. After this point, you'll be home free as the four remaining battles are a cakewalk compared to what you just went through.

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