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Originally Posted by JeremyVersion1 View Post
Outstanding find! I still haven't seen a release date though.
Well, on the page for the game, it says "September 25th, 2013...That seems pretty precise for a date, usually if they don't know, they'll put something outrageous like "December 31st, 2013"

Originally Posted by UberPirateNinja
Wait, so is this a whole standalone game? Or just a confusing name for the DLC?
I think for PC gamers it's a chance to buy the original PacMan Championship Edition, as well as get the free DLC coming for it...I say that because when I searched for the original in the search box on the STEAM client itself, it wasn't it's like....STEAM advertising selling the original game and the free DLC too...

For Xbox 360 owners however, it's just the DLC since we've already had the game for a while now.
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