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True fans would realize that Pyramid Head isn't confined to James Sutherland. He also appeared as The Butcher in Origins and Walter Sullivan saw the "red devil" In Silent Hill 4. Pyramid Head is a manifestation of guilt and punishment and in Homecoming he represents the guilt of the parents who sacrificed their children which is why he never attacks Alex but kills Adam. Downpour shouldn't even be considered a Silent Hill game. The enemies in Downpour are not original at all, the level design gives me a headache, and the only boss fight is a giant guy in a wheelchair. Homecoming may have had improved combat but that is not a bad thing. Sure it has its share of problems like any game but Homecoming was a true Silent Hill experience.
Of course Pyramid Head is confined to James "Sutherland". The Butcher is just a copy of PH. And you are a true fan? Chapa el boconcio.
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