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Originally Posted by meilojelio View Post
Instead of fighting the pandas on destroyed streets and fighting sullivan on agency HQ.
In the level Asylum when you fight the SwordPig if you stack all the extra XP abilities and use explosive limbs. you knock down the sword pig and it'll give you 48,000! XP and it literally takes one minute to defeat it once you get used to it. just slash it's ass an it's limbs will fall off and it'll stay down. Plus use explosive limbs to knock it down.
+1. I was just about to post this myself.

Also, if you manage to kill Swordpig by landing the final strike on its weak spot, you get an additional 20,000 XP, provided you have all 3 Extra XP abilities equipped. I didn't use the Explosive Limbs ability, though. I used the Blade Power abilities - it doesn't even take 30 seconds to take it down this way.

The most important thing is to go for this after having beaten the game, otherwise you won't have all abilities. And don't forgeat to press BACK every now and then to save your hard-earned XP. If you mess up and get to the cutscene after a long grinding session, dashboard and continue the game.
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