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I Love the Corps! quick XP guide

Almost everyone knows that playing the final boss over and over again will get you 2,850 xp each time in a few minutes. How bout making that battle quicker? I did this on accident but here is a guide on how to make the fight finish when you hit the first switch:
Start the mission Home on Ultimate Difficulty
As soon as the mission starts, get on the platform that moves back with every switch you pull. Still be on the platform but be on the edge of it closer to the debris.
The queen will make her entrance, so just wait a few seconds.
Stand there until the queen comes to attack you, let her get on the platform with you, right before she initiates the first attack, run right past her and pull the first switch, and make sure she is on the platform still.
She will fly off and it will go to the cutseen, and thats it.
It may take a few tries to do it your first time, but easy to do when you know how. Good luck!
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