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Unhappy online issues

Offline the game has been great even though I've been considered offline while definitely logged in and I've been dashboarded before while using the map.

My co-op friend and I tried this online today and ughhhh. There is no way to make a private game. While yes it says you can make a private match anyone can and will join right in while your party is joining and choosing their character.

One can not join a friend in game and you can not invite anyone to the game once it has started. So much for the announced drop in/drop out gameplay.

Once I was able to join his game and we got the random high level guy to leave (we paused and waited for him to leave) we started to have some fun. Sadly within minutes there was nonstop lag as the game told us both there was a bad connection. Now he and have played a few hundred games online together and never have a problem.

After about a half hour of my not being able to see where the enemies or my friend ever were I tried to leave. Unfortunately theres no way to drop out of an online game! You have to ask the host to pause the game and only then is there as an option to leave.


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