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I have to say that this is a pretty awesome and fun game. But the glitch is a huge one and has made myself and my son stop playing. And anytime we do try to play it and it glitches out on us, we just give up. I haven't tried this fix and I am going to try it. But honestly, it is sad and stupid that the game can't fix this problem. Does it mean you shouldn't buy it??? It depends on the person's opinion. I think this game is worth buying but it messes up a lot and I DO NOT recommend buying it to my friends or family. As of now, it still glitches and its been over 7 months since I started playing that this problem keeps occurring. I think it should be noted that this game has a huge issue that isn't fixed and if that doesn't bother you, then buy it. If it will, then stay away from this game. But it is a really fun game, wish they would stop being lazy and fix this problem already. Going to try this "trick"
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