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Achievement Guide

Estimated achievement difficulty:4/10
Offline: 41 (1000)
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 80h+
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 Story, 4 Hypothetical routes, Ambition mode, Other story
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, you have to play every stage on hardest(Chaos) difficulty
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: None

Edgeland (TA)
Wynter (from zetaboards/koeiwarriors)
Koei Wiki
きみこ さき (youtube)
Zhou Tai of Wu

Useful links I use in the guide:

Welcome to the 8th installment of Dynasty Warriors (真・三國無双, Shin Sangokumusō), that is a beat ‘em up based on historical novel Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. These games are really a Love or Hate game as basicly at the end of the day these games are “Do the same thing over and over again add infinite” but still it has grown an amazing fan base! The story is great and really enjoyable struggle between three of biggest armies in China, all looking forward to conquer and unify the land for peace of the people and of course for their own interests. Jin, that was introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7, now has a bigger role in this game to add more to the series. Even if you are not going for the full 1000G I highly recommend this game as it is very fun!

There is a ton to do in this game and I kind of recommend that you do what you like but from what I have experienced with this game I have made a little walkthrough of how I would now play this game.

Do every tutorial then start with Ambition mode. Play it some and try to get pretty far facility-wise and always do 3 battles to get a duel where you get more officers and camp symbols. Don’t worry about the character you pick as you can change it. REMEMBER TO START WORKING ON BONDS AS SOON AS YOU GET AN PLAYABLE OFFICER AS YOUR ALLY. I can’t stress this enough. Grinding for bonds is a huge task so you should do everything you can to make it faster.

Then start also playing Story mode. You will be getting tons of weapons and before you know it you will hit the weapon limit (if you don’t sell them often) and then you better watch out as you will soon hit the money limit and this is why you started with Ambition mode as you can now sunk tons of money in the special weapons that you can get from the Blacksmith when it’s at certain level and if you already have the Academy you can start leveling up your officers.
Keep switching between Story and Ambition and if you are having trouble with Story achievements, mainly Hypothetical routes, use this awesome guide:
Not made by me, all glory goes to Wynter.

After a little while you should be getting close to building Tongquetai.
When you have all the camp symbols and Lu Bu is time to make sure Lu Bu is maxed out or at least lvl 99. If you have played any previous Dynasty Warriors games you should know by now that Lu Bu is over-powered. Of course you don’t have to play as him but it’s just usually easier. With lvl 99 Lu Bu who has either lvl 4 or lvl 5 weapon you should go and do the 100 straight battles.

After you are done with story modes and have build Tongquetai in your city you probably have a couple of “do this x amounts of times” achievements. Check the achievement guide for these. Rest of your achievements should just be grinding so keep at it and remember to enjoy
Good place for skill and kills grinding:
-Yellow Turban Conflict-
Good place for Siege weapon grinding:
-Battle of Baidi Castle (Wei)-
Good place for weapon grinding:
-Assult on Xu Chang (Wei)-
-Capture of Wei (Wei)-

Dynasty Warriors 8 is easy but very very long grind to get a 1000G but so are most of the Warriors saga games. The game is very beautiful and fun and I recommend it to everyone whether you are going for 1000G or not.

-Achievement Guide-

True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms 100
Obtained all achievements.

This achievement unlocks once you have all other achievements.

Master of Chaos 60
Completed all of the stages on the "Chaos" difficulty level.

You have to complete every stage on Chaos difficulty. This means every single stage that is listed in the free mode. Chaos mode in this game isn't as hard as it used to be on earlier DW's but remember to watch out for enemy musou attacks as those can still take you out in one hit. Also remember to use interim saves so you don't have to start a stage again from the beginning if you die.

Using level 99 Lu Bu with all stats 1000 (use Academy in Ambition mode to upgrade stats) and 4th or 5th weapon is probably the best character for this but use whoever you are comfortable with.

TIP: Using Fortune Hunter skill helps you get a lot of gold star weapons while going through Chaos.

The Birth of a Leader 10
Fought 5 straight battles in Ambition Mode.

Fight 5 straight battles (in a row) in Ambition mode
*Check Unwavering Ambition for more info.

The Path of Ambition 30
Fought 20 straight battles in Ambition Mode.

Play 20 straight battles(in a row) in Ambition mode.
*Check Unwavering Ambition for more info.

Unwavering Ambition 60
Fought 50 straight battles in Ambition Mode.

You have to play 50 straight battles(in a row) in ambition mode to unlock this. It’s easiest done on beginner difficulty. You don’t have to do them on one sitting but you can’t go to camp in between. If you need to quit you can save between fights and the quit out of the next fight, DON’T EXIT BATTLE AS IT WILL GET YOU BACK TO CITY, JUST QUIT!
After that when you reload it will put you back in the battle select screen and you can continue. Skirmish Battles are the easiest and fastest for this as you can run straight to the main camp to kill the officer.

TIP: You have to fight 100 straight battles to get war elephant for another achievement so keep this in mind.

Weapon Collector 30
Obtained all of the weapons in the game.

There are 3 different types of weapons for every officer.

Basic weapons: lvl 1-4 weapons, these can be found in the shop and dropped by officers.

Gold star weapons: lvl 1-3 rare special weapons, these can only be dropped by officers. There is also a Special Weapon shop in Ambition modes blacksmith once you have gotten its level high enough. Emperor's sword which is a 1 gold star sword is acquired when you complete Tongquetai.

5th Weapon: Basicly the characters ultimate weapon. Only obtained by doing certain task in a certain stage with a certain character. Once you have completed story mode you can check the gallery>weapons>any character what the requirements are for his 5th weapon. If you want to see them early, check this list:

Here is some help for the hardest or trickiest 5th weapons:

You have to collect every basic weapon, gold star weapon and every 5th weapon to unlock this. Once you got the weapon, it’s saved on your data but it’s wise to hold on to the gold star weapons as you can only have one of each at the time. Meaning if you hold on to it, you can’t have a duplicate and you are obtaining different gold star weapons. However if you sell it by accident you can get it again so don’t worry about it.

Fortune Hunter skill increases your chance of getting gold star weapons so keep that equiped.

Good stages for weapon grinding:
-Assult on Xu Chang (Wei)-
-Capture of Wei (Wei)-

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!

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