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Comeback Kid 10
Defeated 3 enemy officers with a Switch Counter in a single battle.

In DW8 you have a new 3-point system Heaven>Earth>Man>Heaven:

When you have the same weapon as your enemy or your enemy has advantage over you they will be likely to use their “heavy” attack. When they do this you’ll see a blue light coming out of their weapon then you need to do switch attack () and you will trigger Switch Counter. You have to kill 3 enemies in a row with Switch Counter for this achievement.

King of the Combos 10
Achieved a 1,000 hit combo.

Can be achieved in the tutorial with the True Rage Attack. Circle around to get as much as enemies as you can and then juggle them with full True Rage Attack.

One Warrior vs. a Thousand 10
Defeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle.

In this Dynasty Warriors there seem to be a lot of enemies so this should come naturally when playing but you can also get this in the tutorial if you want. There are infinite spawns in tutorials before you do the asked task.

Graduation Day 10
Completed the tutorials for all of the kingdoms.

You have to complete every tutorial in the tutorial section. They are all pretty much the same but with different characters.

Mounted Terror 10
Defeated 1,000 enemies while mounted on a riding-type animal.

1000 enemies isn’t that much so you should always try to kill some enemies while riding but you will get this while going for other achievements. You don’t have to do this in a single battle. Can also be done in the tutorial if you want.

The Beastmaster Awakens 10
Defeated 100 enemies with a companion-type animal.

Companion-type animals aren’t really that strong but when playing Ambition mode is kind of easy to keep one (I used Tiger) next to you. I played on easy and got this without trying while playing Ambition mode.
Good place to get some kills is in Yellow Turban Conflict on beginner if you want this out the way.

Vocal Enthusiast 10
Listened to all of the voice lines within the Gallery.

Firstly you need every officer on level 30 to unlock their General voices.

Then there are two ways to get Ambition voices:
1.To actually hear every voice line in the game, you can check them in the gallery.
2.Max out bond with every playable officer with male character AND female character.

I’m behind the second method 100% as the requirements are very odd and sound very crazy. Maxing out the bond is also a crazy task but it’s still easier as you don’t have to do anything but max bonds over and over and over again. To max a bond you have to play 9 battles with an officer as your bodyguard. You will get special dialogues after every 3 battles that further increase your bond. There are 77 characters so you need to play 693 battles to max out bond with everyone AND then you need to do it with a female character, which is total 1386 battles for this achievement! I do battles in 3-3-3 which means after every three battle I go back to city to check out the dialogue. Some people do 5-3-1 as you’ll get a weapon when you do 5 battles in a row. Skirmish battles are the fastest ones to do.

Note: You don't actually have to listen to every voice line. Once you have every voice line the achievement pops when you enter Gallery.

Animal Collector 10
Obtained all of the animals within the game.

You have to get all of the animals in the game in Ambition mode.

Birch, Mahogany, Chestnut, Walnut, Maple, Elephant, Panda, Tiger, Falcon, Wolf, Bear
- These can be bought from Merchant or being dropped by enemy officers.

Rare animals:
Shadow Runner - After 30 straight battles in a row.
Hex Mark - After 60 straight battles in a row.
Red Hare - After 90 straight battles in a row.
War Elephant - After 100 straight battles in a row.
Golden Panda - After acquiring Tongquetai and getting all facilitys to max level and having all 790 allies.
Harrier - After acquiring Tongquetai and getting all facilitys to max level.

If you don't get Golden Panda or Harrier when you're supposed to, go play one battle and come back to city, you should get them. Can sometimes happen if you have everything maxed when you get Tongquetai.

Movie Collector 10
Unlocked all of the movies within the game.

To unlock all of the movies in the game you have to:
-Complete every Kingdoms Story (Historical and Hypothetical).
-Complete Ambition mode (build Tongquetai).

Event Collector 10
Unlocked all of the event scenes within the game.

Basicly you will get every event in the game when you have played through Every story (Historical, Hypothetical and every branch) and completed most of the star missions in Story mode. However there are couple that might be overlooked that kinda require you to fail a star mission and couple where you help someone to survive so they can fight at the battle X, you have to usually play the battle X to get the event that they are there.

Check this great solution made by Edgeland for some of the tricky ones:

Wallpaper Collector 10
Unlocked all of the wallpapers within the game.

To unlock every wallpaper in the game you have to:
-Complete ever Kingdoms Story (Historical and Hypothetical).
-Have every character above level 15.
-Clear every stage in the game.

Like a Shadow 10
Finished any stage of the game, except for the tutorial, without taking any damage.

You have to finish any stage in the game without taking any damage. Easiest to be done in Skirmish battle in Ambition mode as you can straightly rush to the last officer and defeat him for a quick victory.

Unstoppable Might 30
Defeated a total of more than 100,000 enemies.

You will get this by naturally playing through the game. Kills in every mode counts towards this and you will get 100000 kills relatively quickly.

Legend of Wei 30
Viewed the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Wei story.

*Check out Legend of Jin

Legend of Wu 30
Viewed the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Wu story.

*Check out Legend of Jin

Legend of Shu 30
Viewed the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Shu story.

*Check out Legend of Jin

Legend of Jin 30
Viewed the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Jin story.

To get the story achievements for each Kingdom you have to get both Historical and Hypothetical ending. You will most likely get the Historical ending on your first playthrough after that you can see what the star missions in certain stages ask for you to do and by completing them you will get a story branch for the Hypothetical ending.
Here is an amazing guide for how to get the Hypothetical endings:
Not made by me, all glory goes to Wynter.

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!

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