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Hey There Guys,

I am ready, willing, and able to help out with any Gears related achievements. Seeing as I have all achievements but Seriously 3.0, any and all progress will help me toward it while (more importantly) aiding you all in getting your achievements.

I was one of the unfortunate many to fall victim to the player data corruption problems in Gears 3 back in January of 2012, thus losing all of the progress I had made since game launch. Luckily I have made a great deal of that progress back, but there is one pesky ribbon that I still need assistance with. So, if at all possible, I would love to get the "Team Shaman" ribbon completed for Healing 4 teammates at once as Kantus in Beast Mode.

Other than that I would be more than willing to help anyone out with any achievements, ribbons, campaign progress, etc. Just shoot me a message.

Gamertag: ll MARK ll
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