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nice map of most vehicles

download it its 3000x2500

zp750 almost any checkpoint

This is closet to a garage:
la villete drive out of the nothwest exit crossthe road thru the gap in the fence go north along the fence you should see the zp750 about the same spot as the checkpoint
get out of the car
get on the bike
drive east until the end of the canal
go south (not into canal)
go west to where you learned how to use a uniform then take the road to the la villete garage
(easy if you have a uniform )

armed zp 750 one on the map
extreme sw end of the world near a small building

rather hard to get to a garage ...
easier to cause a disturbance and just shoot the driver and take it
they are the first to chase you

armed bauer (only one on the map) is north of the bell
northwest of the church
in the center of the south side
of a large building
drive it west to the north center then goto the bell garage
quite a long drive
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