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I was working on a complete guide as well, but I've been too slow this time.

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth View Post
The Land of Plenty 30
Obtained more than 1,000 materials for weapons and facilities in Ambition Mode.

Materials are found on Skirmish battles. There are usually urn in every garrison and there are crates when enemies have occupied them. Officers and unit commanders also drop materials. You have to get 1000 materials for weapons AND facilities. Brown ones are for facilities and blue ones are for weapons. Only the ones found on the battlefield count towards this!
You can link to my maps, or just take the images into your guide, if you want to.

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth View Post
Revelation 30
Upgraded all skills to Level 10 or higher.

You have to get all of the skills to at least level 10. You can see the requirements for upgrading skills in the skill list. Most of them come by just playing but some of them are somewhat harder. All of them are pretty straight forward except maybe Fortune Hunter but the K.O. count above certain level is 1500 K.O.s, after that your skill will increase by killing certain amount of officers.
This is not entirely true. Getting a skill upgrade is completely random. I would like to point out that it is possible to max out any skill in just one stage. Take Fortune Hunter for example, in "Yellow Turban Conflict", there's endless soldier spawns at the start of the stage after the gates right behind you open. Grind 1500 kills, then proceed. Before you slay any named officer, save your game. If you get the Fortune Hunter skill upgrade after the kill, save again and proceed, if not, reload. The other skills may be grinded this way as well.

You should also add that there's certain officers which are great for upgrading certain skills. Example: Quick Learner is easy to get with Zhou Yu and his fire attack.

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth View Post
Weapon Collector 30
Obtained all of the weapons in the game.
Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth View Post

There are 3 different types of weapons for every officer.

Basic weapons: lvl 1-4 weapons, these can be found in the shop and dropped by officers.
Gold star weapons: lvl 1-3 rare special weapons, these can only be dropped by officers. There is also a Special Weapon shop in Ambition modes blacksmith once you have gotten its level high enough.
5th Weapon: Basicly the characters ultimate weapon. Only obtained by doing certain task in a certain stage with a certain character. Once you have completed story mode you can check the gallery>weapons>any character what the requirements are for his 5th weapon. If you want to see them early, check this list:

You have to collect every basic weapon, gold star weapon and every 5th weapon to unlock this. Once you got the weapon, it’s saved on your data but it’s wise to hold on to the gold star weapons as you can only have one of each at the time. Meaning if you hold on to it, you can’t have a duplicate and you are obtaining different gold star weapons. However if you sell it by accident you can get it again so don’t worry about it.

Fortune Hunter affects rare weapon drops, guide doesn't mention that. "Capture of Wei - Wei Forces" is great for collecting weapons, because a lot of named officers charge directly at you.

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