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Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
1. Any plans for more detail/strategy for the Chaos levels?
In this game Chaos isn't that hard. I have been breezing through it with Lu Bu and I agree that Chaos was hard on other DW games. Only thing I would say is that really watch out for enemy musou attacks as those can still kill you one hit. If someone else also wants more added to that then I might look something up but I think that when you have a character that is maxed out and has a powerful weapon and you are probably using Red Hare, you will see it's not that hard. Also Interim Saves are a life saver on longer missions.
For Skills I use: Fortune Hunter for weapons, Havoc for reach and then Health boost and Strength boost.

Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
2. For obtaining 1000 facility/weapon materials, just to be completely clear, what you're essentially saying is that materials obtained from the Barracks don't count?
I'm 95% sure that only the ones found on the battlefield count as I got the achievement after fightin over 900 Ambition mode battles and I had everything maxed out before it and I had realistically gotten around 2500-3000 weapon materials that I traded for facility materials and then on one battle I picked up a weapon material and the achievement popped.

Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
3. For Comeback Kid and In An Instant, I got both achievements already so I can't confirm this, but is it possible to use one officers to get the achievement on a group of officers?
Yes that is possible as basicly they are 3 officers in a row that you defeated with that move. I actually got In An Instant by first killing one officer then killing the next two with one storm rush. I've been thinking whether to add that to the guide or not.

Thanks for the kind words

Originally Posted by Gleylancer View Post
You can link to my maps, or just take the images into your guide, if you want to.
Thank you I will.

Originally Posted by Gleylancer View Post
This is not entirely true. Getting a skill upgrade is completely random.
Wow I didn't know that o_O I always thought there was a certain number of officers needed to kill that will rise with each level.

Originally Posted by Gleylancer View Post
You should also add that there's certain officers which are great for upgrading certain skills. Example: Quick Learner is easy to get with Zhou Yu and his fire attack.
I did the "harder" ones with Lu Bu so I thought it doesn't matter who you use as you get majority of the skills over 10 just by playing and the I played through Yellow Turban Conflict once and got the rest.

Originally Posted by Gleylancer View Post
Fortune Hunter affects rare weapon drops, guide doesn't mention that. "Capture of Wei - Wei Forces" is great for collecting weapons, because a lot of named officers charge directly at you.
Thanks I forgot to write that x_x

You should still do your guide. Even though my guide is stickied atm and I'm going to submit it in a couple of days, your guide might be better and get to be the official guide Only time will tell.

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!
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