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Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
Alright that's good to know. I'll probably save Chaos for last, or close to it, so I don't use up a skill slot for Fortune Hunter, and can use that slot on a skill that will decrease my chances of dying.
I would still recommend to keep Fortune Hunter and you will get a ton of gold star weapons, maybe them all, without any extra grinding. I don't think it's that difficult on Chaos that one skill makes a difference but there are a lot of weapons

Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
Any particular abilities on weapons that seem to work best? I imagine Flash and Slash would be ideal to have. I haven't used the Temper system in this game yet; is it just like in Warriors Orochi 2, where you can pick and choose which abilities to put on your base weapon?
The Duke Of Darkness gave you a good answer. I just wanted to add that I haven't had any problems with Lu Bu's 5th weapon (as you cannot temper 5th weapons) and I have un-tempered 4th Halberd just if there seems to be too much disadvantage for me in 3-point system as Storm rush works wonders in Chaos.

Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
Unrelated: While doing Ambition mode battles last night, I noticed that after around 8 consecutive battles, the star difficulty rating was already full. Does this mean I have already reached max difficulty that early? I only played 10 consecutive battles, then came back to change bodyguard, but I was surprised to see it reach max stars so early. Does the difficulty go up more and it just isn't visible with the difficulty rating? I was also surprised to be getting 4-star weapons on Beginner after only being 7-8 battles deep, and that was without Fortune Hunter.
I'm not actually sure but I think it's the max. 100 battles in a row was a piece of cake. I did it with lvl 70 Lu Bu so it's really really easy but long and remember to save often.

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