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While I think most of your OP was written in a rage quit induced rant, I have to agree with some of it - to a point.
I agree the flanking is really annoying, but at the same time I can't get mad at it as flanking is a legitimate military tactic. Pisses me off, but it's totally normal so I try not to hate too much.
I do get the worst lag I have ever had on this game, but I am from Australia so I think that kind of factors into it. I'll unload half a clip from the M16 into a guy, he'll turn around and pop me in the face with a sniper. It's infuriating. My problem is going for the knife kills, where I knife someone and my screen shows I got them but somehow the lag made them get me instead.
The spawn killing is my main gripe. I have lost count of the time I have been alive for less than 10 seconds due to spawn killing campers. There seems to be no spawn protection to combat this, and I daresay there will be no patch now the game is so old

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