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Basically to me the TL;DR of this is:
1)start with ambition. Level until you can do 100 in a row
2) get fortune hunter to 20 to begin the weapons. Best on yellow turban, Jesus forces.
3)story. beat every star though it make take a while
4) Mop up movie/events. Not hard if you are looking at a guide.
5) beat everything on chaos. You unlock a bunch from story but its better to start with chaos than beginner.
6) complete bonds in ambition. This is a haul but its essentially the final step. If you got fortune hunter 20 early here you shouldn't be missing much, if any. Now just wait until you have bonds with a male and female and boom, 1000g.
Edit: you don't have to beat every mission in story and free mode, so use your favorite character and go wild in free mode for chaos.

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