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seriously, i have completed the game on easy and normal, every single achievement now apart from 1999 and on hard, 1999 being my next run!! I have just unloaded ever vigor to one patriot several times and still no achievement, all through my normal run i was switching my vigor around to make sure i got this and still nothing!! might delted all game saves, any other ideas guys??
I am proud to say all games below have not been boosted!

Call of Duty 2 1000gs
Call of Duty MW 1000gs
Call of Duty WAW 1500gs
Call of Duty MW2 1000gs
Call of Duty BO 1700gs
Call of Duty MW3 1610gs
Call of Duty BO2 2000gs
Halo 3 1725gs
Halo: ODST 1000gs
Halo Reach 1750gs
Halo 4 1000gs (original)
Medal of Honor 1000gs
Battlefield Bad Company 2: 1430gs
Battlefield 3: 1000gs (original)
Battlefield 4: 1000gs (original)
Bioshock 1100gs

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