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Looking to do all online achievements

I was going to do the online achievements legit but I hate everything about this games multiplayer

I tried to play without auto aim and I just get dominated, auto aim is gay but at least my bullets connect
It felt like I was spraying a water gun without it. Might have been lag idk
EDIT: played a game where the auto aim was switched off and I dominated haha

I'm forever getting team killed during team deathmatch
And today no matter how many times I spawned and shot this guy, he wouldn't die
I thought I'd be smart and sent him a message, it worked and he stood still to read it
I stood point blank and sprayed into his face until my AK ran out, blood was going everywhere
The teammate that was helping him troll threw a grenade at us and only I died
We won because the other team quit, WTF is there an invincibility glitch?

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